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Returning Injury: empowering women is suspense author Becky Due’s focus

Rebecca’s life just keeps getting better. With Jack away on business, she’s looking forward to four days alone to work on her new client’s PR campaign to help women take back their lives. But her past intrudes. Roy, the man who stalked and assaulted her years before, has been released from prison. Home alone in her big, beautiful house out in the country, Rebecca has to learn to take back her own life while facing her fears and regaining her strength. But will she be strong enough when she faces the ultimate test?

This is the premise of suspense author Becky Due’s new book, Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength (Due Publications).

Becky, like the main characters of her novels, spent many years running from herself, looking for love, crying a little and laughing a lot along the journey of finding herself. Through writing, Due found her passion. She is the author of several books and is currently working on her next novel.

She has been a guest on national radio programs and has been the subject of numerous newspaper and national magazine articles for empowering women through her novels. She has served as a guest speaker at Women’s Resource Centers, Shelters, Colleges and High Schools within the United States. Becky has had extensive training at Victim Services, worked the 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis-Line and was a Victim’s Advocate where she offered one-on-one assistance and support to rape victims. In 2007, Becky started, Women Going Forward, the first national women’s telephone support group, which ran for almost two years. After receiving much recognition for her novels, Becky’s focus turned back to her writing and empowering women through her novels.

Becky will be on virtual book tour May 3 – June 25. Visit her official tour page at Pump Up Your Book to find out more about her exciting new release, Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength.

Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com are the best way to obtain your copies, although it will be available to order in bookstores soon. You can visit Becky’s website at www.BeckyDue.com for more information about the book.

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