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Peace and Love by Leland Bedford Book Blitz – Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Peace and LoveTitle: Peace and Love
Author: Leland Bedford
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 114
Genre: Religion/Inspirational
Format: Kindle

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Peace & Love is a celebration of truth like none before, and like none that will be after, truly one of a kind! The selections within are a reflection of thought that is like a seed to the brain of every man, woman, and child, to be watered by life, and grow into an existence where love is the end result of new found peace. The lie has no home with in the pages of this book, because the lie holds no truth, like a World created by God that holds no peace nor love. In time we live, and in time it is promised that we will forever be, so in time Peace & Love has been placed to collectively bring them that are unconscious to a new consciousness of life, death, truth, lie, good, evil, victory, defeat, success, failure, hope, eternal hope, God, Jesus, and the Devil, you, me, and we. To all that search for understanding and are a student of inspiration, with in this book holds a gift of sincerity, with the purpose to build and destroy, to build a new idea that is the antithesis of all that has kept us in the dark, all that has kept us from one another, and destroy all that has shined light on that which we are not that has made are sunshine like Hells fire, rather than the warmth of Gods love.
Opening this book will open your eyes, though you have never been blind, and will breath new air into the lungs that were given by the Father to live, like any food for nourishment the knowledge within can do no harm, only feed the soul. Like anything all may not see what is shown as “one mans treasure, is another mans trash”, but as trash is unwanted so is the absence of peace and love in a World were Christ is King, and we live, in search of life, life everlasting, this I believe is like motivation to grow with out digression and to digress through progression. Inspirational words, thoughts, and ideas live with in the pages of Peace & Love, thoughts of happiness and joy, pain and agony, victory and defeat, good and evil, God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell, hope and despair, with the purpose to discover truth that will bring clarity to the chaos which can cloud the mind, soul, spirit, and body of any man, woman, or child, letting all whom may journey through its pages know that all are apart of the collective conscious that defines who we are, and that we can only be we, if there is peace and love.





Leland Bedford is from Louisville, Ky., and was born in Houston, TX., he and his family relocated from Texas when Leland was still a baby. His childhood home was located in a suburb located just outside the Louisville city limits, and he enjoyed a happy upbringing with himself, his older sister, and his parents. Upon completion of high school he applied, and was accepted to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. where he majored in English literature. While attending Morehouse Leland enjoyed the freedom of being away from home and excelled in the beginning of his college matriculation, however as he matriculated through college he began to fall victim to the pitfalls of big city life and being away from home. His troubles lead him down many different paths, which extended his matriculation and caused him much mental, physical, emotional, and economical hardship. Through it all however, Leland continued to pursue a B.A. in English literature from Morehouse, and received his degree in 2005. Upon completion of college he entered the work field full-time and worked while mending all his wounds from his time in college. After graduating from Morehouse he relocated back to Louisville, Ky where he currently lives. His time in college helped strengthen him as a man, and gave him love for the written word, and knowledge as a whole. It was in college that he found deep interest in self, and thusly all that helps define him as a man . His time at Morehouse was very beneficial and enjoyable, and left him with a seed to water, and grow, into something that would hopefully add to the greater good of humanity. “Peace & Love” is his first published book, and is a child of his life relationships, and experiences that lead him to know that his only hope is peace and love.


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