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Interview with Horror Writer Ruby Dominguez

Ruby Dominguez

Ruby Dominguez

The author, Ruby Dominguez is challenged by the conflicting complexities of the past and future. Undeterred, she strokes with pen the somber and bright hues of her visions. She currently resides in San Francisco and works in the field of property management/leasing. She has been a recipient of the “Editor’s Choice Award,” by the National Library of Poetry in 1999 and 2007 for her published poems in the SHELTER OF SHADE. Visit her website at:

www.outskirtspress.com/theperukemaker, and blog at http://www.salemcurse.wordpress.com

Thank you for this interview, Ruby. Can you tell us what your latest book, THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse, is all about?

Salem 17th Century – A bizarre and deadly detour in American dark history!


~The witch hunt hits feverish peak! Fear of the devil is as real as God. Witchcraft is a heinous crime a person could commit and is punishable by death at the Gallows Hill for the victims accused of sorcery.

River reflections of Bridget Cane’s scantily clad youthful beauty with long, flowing, wild, red hair, is frozen in fear amidst the overture of the Banshee’s foreboding and bloodcurdling wails of imminent death, that of her own.

The Peruke Maker’s vengeful curse hastens chase for the innocent and is carried off by a whirl of ill-omened wind that transgresses all natural laws of time and space.

The Salem Witch Hunt Curse unearthed from necromancy, violates the course of natural events in a modern day world, relentlessly in quest for the avenger of innocent blood.

Sarah Cane, a product of the 21st century is inextricably caught in a fateful journey that comes full circle. But Michael’s abiding love for her triumphs over evil, transcending the grave in a magical and symbolic act of rebirth at the stroke of midnight of the Autumnal Equinox. ~


THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse, inspired by true events, is a meticulously researched screenplay that is laced with relevance and substance.

We follow the unforgettable spiritual and emotional journey of BRIDGET CANE, a stunning 17th Century woman and SARAH, a product of the 2lst Century who are inextricably bound together in a tenuous journey that comes full circle.

The banality of evil which pervades 17th Century Salem, Massachusetts is captured by the screenwriter with penetrating insight as we follow one young woman’s deadly encounter with the forces of Good and Evil.

This compelling journey is deftly played against a storyline that has meaningful things to say about the inherent vulnerability of the human condition.

A screenplay “The Peruke Maker” was professionally reviewed by Lejen Literary Consultants and attained a good script coverage analysis.

“Visually compelling, provocative, suspenseful, memorable characters, smooth pace with excellent twists and turns!” -by Lee Levinson

The Peruke Maker

The Peruke Maker

Is this your first novel?  If not, how has writing this novel different from writing your first?

Yes, THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse, is my first published book written as a screenplay.

It was my initial intention and still is, that it becomes a Halloween blockbuster  movie.

In the meantime to generate a buzz, I opted for self-publishing for immediate distribution to the e-world.

It didn’t take me long to discover Outskirts Press via internet and then submitted my manuscript for their consideration and acceptance.

And now my book is available in 25,000 internet stores around the world.

How difficult was it writing your book?  Did you ever experience writer’s block and, if so, what did you do?

It took me 1 year of dreaming about it, 1 year of research work, 4 weeks to put down into written words, and another 2 years to crystallize the story.

Submitted it to Lejen Literary Consultant – Lee Levinson for a script coverage analysis and after 2 months received it back with a good review.

Thereafter, it took Outskirts Press approximately 2 weeks to review and accept.

When experiencing a mental block, I simply laid everything to rest and went to sleep.

How have your fans embraced your latest novel?  Do you have any funny or unusual experiences to share?

My fans are really interested in the history of the story and so I tell them how it came to be.

Driven by a mystical dream I had after trying on a 100% hand-tied human hair wig that I purchased online in 2004, described to be harvested from a reliable and youthful donor.

I woke-up from the dream in shivers, seemingly reliving a dark history of a young woman’s horrifying fate named Bridget and her father’s (The Peruke Maker) vindictive quest for justice beyond the grave.

Eerily, I believed that in Salem, Massachusettes from three centuries ago, the Peruke Maker’s Shop lay hidden behind a forgotten and abandoned room of an old crematorium built-up with dust and cobwebs with a finished white wig still sits by the boarded up window to this day.

Wefts of yak, goat, horse and human hair, fishhook-like needles, pomade, powder and a wooden head are laid down on a work table wherein a pair of rusty scissors, entwined with strands of Bridget’s red hair eerily rests by the wall mirror.

So, I have decided to travel to Salem, Massachusettes on a book tour this October 2009 and  investigate the existence of the Peruke Maker’s Shop, and to retrace the agonizing ordeal of his daughter, Bridget in Gallows Hill.

I asked my fans to join me in a blood-curdling Halloween experience!

What is your daily writing routine?

An inspiration has no routine, it hauntingly drives you until you’re done.

When you put the pen or mouse down, what do you do to relax?

Findings suggest that we sleep because our mind is tired. So, sleep to me has been a way to relax and wake-up refresh.

What book changed your life?

THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse” was a pivotal point in my life where a curse trilogy was hatched. So, it was followed by the published book “Romancing The Claddagh – The Curse of Macha,” and a third in the works titled, “The Red Dragon’s Triangle – Boudicca’s Curse.”

If someone were to write a book on your life, what would the title be?

“That’s Me OnThe Red Carpet!”

Finish this sentence: “The one thing that I wish people would understand about me is…”

I just want a bigger stage!

Thank you for this interview Ruby.  I wish you much success on your latest release, THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse!

The Peruke Maker

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I’ve had this book for a little more than a week, but tours have been keeping me sooooo busy.  But this morning, I picked it up and started in because I want to have this reviewed by the end of the week.

The title is pretty much self-explanatory and judging from its page length (85 pages), I wondered how this book could be any different from all the other self-help books out there on divorce and breakup.

However, I was immediately drawn in by her very first paragraph:

“Although my marriage of 16 years was far from perfect, it never occurred to me that it would end.  In fact, if I were a betting woman, I would have wagered my life savings I would be married to the father of my children ‘until death do us part.'”

How many women have said that?  I know I did and I still believe to this day as rotten as the ex was at the time, he’s still a good man.  But then, it’s been about 15 years and I tend to let bygones be bygones.  And I’m wondering how many other women feel there is still that bond between them and their parted spouses?

Sure, most of us have children that keeps them together in a sense, but how many women truly believe that no matter what they did to us, we still love them?

Well, here goes my relationship expert hat back on.  I used to write a lot about relationships.  When Pump Up started, I just didn’t have time to do both and keeping that roof over my head became the most important thing, but I have to say that when two people come together, no matter what happens, they were truly meant to come together in the first place for a particular reason or set of reasons.  Perhaps in my case, it was to bear children as companion soul mates are known for, but to this day, I can’t release that bond we had.  And I know we’ll never get back together nor would I want to.

Ack.  Anyway, I’ll give you my review of Tammy’s book this Friday hopefully.  So far, it’s looking pretty darn good.

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