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Play Book Trivia with Rudy A. Mazzocchi, author of ‘Storytelling’

It’s time to play Book Trivia!  Periodically, we scour the Internet for interesting authors who would like to play Book Trivia with us.  By answering our book trivia questions, we get to learn things about the author no one else knows!  So, let’s get ready…let’s play…Book Trivia!

kdiToday our guest author is Rudy A. Mazzocchi, author of the STORYTELLING – The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism.

Thank you for playing Book Trivia with us!  Here are your questions:

Everyone knows rock star idol Brittany Spears is always in trouble with everything you can think of.  In what way could your book help her and set her life back on track?

This book is designed to enhance everyone’s storytelling skills for various audiences, to pursue personal, challenging journeys down a treacherous road, and how best to stay on that yellow brick road to achieve your objectives. Given Brittany’s need to re-start her career, STORYTELLING would help her construct a new story, one that would initially solicit the support of family and friends, and then broader audiences that would support the reinventing of herself and her “franchise”. It would also reveal methods to avoid those distractive, evil flying-monkeys who only wish to push her off of her path as she pursues her way back to the Emerald City!

You have five seconds to tell us who the greatest author of all time is.  In your opinion, who would that be?

I can name several “favorite” authors, but I believe the greatest was William Shakespeare. He completed seventeen comedies, ten historical pieces, ten renowned tragedies, thirty-eight plays, hundreds of sonnets and five narrative poems. Most of his work have been recognized, retold, or reproduced over and over again throughout the last four centuries.

A young mother was caught stealing your book out of a bookstore.  When asked why she did it, she opened the book and pointed a passage out.  What was that passage?

STORYTELLING – The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism

To be an accomplished entrepreneur, you must be able to tell your story properly. The twisted road to success—your success—will be filled with enlightenment, dread, exuberance, fear, joy and desperation. Without exception, the journey will be long and any deviation from the path may well place you in danger. If it’s of any comfort, when you do wander off that yellow brick road, you won’t be alone, but the longer you stay there, the tougher it is to get back on track without starting over. This book is based on personal experiences and designed to provide you with certain “guardrails” to help you stay on that path… and to avoid those damn flying monkeys.

Remember the story of the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum? How many times did Dorothy tell her story to others along her treacherous journey to the Emerald City? Her mission began when she explained herself to Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, after her house took out the Wicked Witch of the East. She refined her story when meeting the Munchkins, and it became stronger and more powerful each time she encountered a new companion—the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Dorothy then put a different spin on things when telling her story to the Wicked Witch of the West. How many times did she have to explain herself to whomever would listen—convincing others to help or join her on the journey? By the time she reached her key objective, her story to the Wizard was fine-tuned, well-rehearsed and crystal clear. Not only did she achieve her goals and those that defined her journey, but others who believed and supported her story along the way were provided a handsome return for their efforts.

Dorothy was a storyteller supreme. The storytelling necessary to become a successful entrepreneur is not much different. In the beginning, along with the idea—the vision—the story we tell is all we really have… and yet it is the most important tool in our bag. If not told properly, we are doomed to constantly deal with evil flying monkeys and the possibility of utter failure.

They’ve invented a board game using the theme of your book.  What would the title of it be that would be different from your book and which retail store would they place it to make the most sales?

Title: Journey

This would be a monopoly-like game with a “yellow brick road” where players navigate along a treacherous path filled with intersections and side-roads filled with key decisions points that will reward or punish the player. The winner is the one who achieves their pre-defined goals upon reaching the Emerald City.

Retail store: WalMart – to reach buyers of every sex, social standing and age!

The Arbor Day Foundation has decided to pick one tree in your honor because of your writing brilliance.  What kind of tree is it and why did they choose that tree in relation to your book?

An apple tree. It represents a strong tree, with deep roots that bears precious fruit. However, the fruit needs to be harvested and produces a variety of rewarding products, each determined by the individual harvester’s personal vision and skills; (e.g. apple pies, preserves, cakes, cider, etc.). However, such ripened fruit can simply fall to the ground and rot if not properly cared for and picked at the right time. Just like the art of proper storytelling, the tree can bear fruit on its own, but it requires work, a proper harvest, and special ingredients to ensure it yields an enticing, desirable reward to the final consumer. If not harvested effectively, the tree will continue to cycle within its own environment, standing firmly, yielding wonderful, colorful fruit, but often times, only to drop to the ground to feed the worms.

President Barack Obama has become the author of several books and he has requested your presence at a special hush-hush meeting to discuss ways to promote it.  Through luck of the draw, you were chosen.  What would be the first thing you would say to Barack?

Mr. President, with all due respect, you should focus on other priorities of national interest before you spend time promoting your books. You’ll have time to do so once your term expires! Believe me, your ability to promote your books will improve exponentially based on the strength of your final brand recognition. If you continue to screw things up… or even give the impression of screwing up… you can’t expect people to line up to buy your books! Get back on that ‘yellow brick road’ and finish the journey you initially set out on to achieve great things!

Finally, you just got word that your book has received the 2013 NY Times Bestselling Book Award and you have to attend the ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.  Anyone who’s anyone will be there and it’s your shot for stardom.  On stage, you must give an acceptance speech.  What would you say and who would you thank?

I would thank all of those who had the patience and persistence to hone my skills necessary to evolve from a writer to a published author. Starting with my wife, who believed I already had the storytelling skills and materials to write that first novel. We both knew it was a plausible thing to attempt, but had no idea of the process this industry required. Secondly, I would need to thank my editors and reviewers, who helped educate me in the skills of writing – the hard way! And finally, I need to thank my publisher, Lida Quillen of Twilight Times Books, who took a chance on a first time author with no brand recognition, willing to publish novels with controversial themes.

Rudy MazzochiAbout the Author:

Rudy Mazzocchi is best known as a medical device and biotechnology entrepreneur, inventor, and angel investor, with a history of starting new technology ventures throughout the U.S. and Europe. He’s been privileged to have the opportunity to see the newest innovations in healthcare and work with some of the most brilliant researchers, scientists and physicians in the industry.

Authoring more than 50 patents, he has helped pioneer new companies involved in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and even embryonic stem-cell development. Through these efforts, he has become the recipient of many technology and business awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare (2004), Businessman of the Year Award (2005), and Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2013).

Combining these experiences and opportunities, with thousands of hours of travel and long evenings in hotel rooms, he found the initiative to start writing a collection of award-winning business/medical thrillers based on true events, known as The EQUITY Series. STORYTELLING was his debut non-fiction business book released in November 2013.

Visit his website at www.RudyMazzochi.com.

Storytelling 7About the Book:

The value of any new venture or sound new idea needs to be developed out of the nothingness of silence, ignorance and darkness. It ignites and illuminates the world only when the great storytelling entrepreneur lights the flame. “STORYTELLING: The Indispensable Art of the Entrepreneur” shows, with startling clarity and practical know-how, the process by which wealth and other things of exceptional value can emerge into the world literally out of nothing—nothing, that is, but the Art of Storytelling.

STORYTELLING takes you on a journey which reveals how the development, progressive modification and adaptation of your story is the golden thread and foundational core management practice which ties together all the others:  building, focusing and motivating your management team, navigating through troubled times or excessive growth, maintaining positive momentum with investors and Boards of Directors and positioning the venture for a potential exit.

Award-winning author and entrepreneur, Rudy Mazzocchi, exposes his greatest secret of success and provides an enormous amount of “experienced-based” illustrations and nuts-and-bolts practical advice. He reveals how to create and evolve the story of your new venture in a way that energizes and breathes life into what may have started out as just an idea.

Everyone can benefit greatly from reading this book—whether or not you envision yourself as an entrepreneur. STORYTELLING: The Indispensable Art of the Entrepreneur applies universally to ventures of all types and is an essential element in the fulfillment of any dream—dreams which depend upon capturing the interest and sustaining the highly-motivated commitment of others.

Purchase your copy:


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