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Book Trivia: Interview with Inspirational Author Sheri Kaye Hoff

book-trivia2It’s time to play Book Trivia! Periodically, we scour the Internet for interesting authors who would like to play Book Trivia with us. By answering our book trivia questions, we get to learn things about the author no one else knows! So, let’s get ready…let’s play…Book Trivia!

Today our guest author is Sheri Kaye Hoff, author of the inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully. Inspirational author and life coach, Sheri Kaye Hoff resides in Parker, CO with her husband and three children. She teaches college classes as an adjunct faculty member. Her new inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully, offers a way of living a meaningful, successful and joy filled life. Ms. Hoff is a personal and executive life coach. Spirituality is a vital part of her life’s work. Prayer and meditation are integral pieces of her daily ritual, which enables her to pursue her life’s passions and live a truly joyful life. Her words on faith are derived from her own Christian walk and spiritual self-discoveries. Her action steps mix faith and years of leadership training, mentoring, and management. Sheri Kaye Hoff suffered the tragic death of her younger brother when she was a teenager and struggled for years to rediscover the capacity to feel joy and to enjoy her successes. She has a heart felt desire to pass on her knowledge and discoveries that have led to a truly transformational life. The inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully, offers the techniques and insights that move people towards peace, joy, energy, and passion in everyday life.

Thank you for playing Book Trivia with us, Sheri! Here are your questions:

sheri-kaye-hoffIf Tom Hanks, in the movie Cast Away, unearthed a copy of Keys to Living Joyfully, how would that help Tom find a way off the island?

Tom would be able to use my section on living abundantly to visualize a successful rescue off the island. Tom would start by writing his perfect rescue in the sand, and then he would meditate and think about his perfect rescue. Part of his abundant living plan involves being generous, so Tom would give some of his food to other animals. Tom also would cultivate a peaceful existence and accept his circumstances, which opens the way for God to act in his life. Miraculously, an airplane spots him and sends in a rescue team.

keys-to-living-joyfullyEveryone knows rock star idol Brittany Spears is always in trouble with everything you can think of. In what way could your book help her and set her life back on track?

Her story definitely demonstrates that outward things do not necessarily create more joy in life. I have a chapter in my book that describes the importance of being able to control thoughts. Many people think that they are helpless over the thoughts that they think. In reality, we are able to harness much of the energy of our thoughts and use them to a positive end. In Brittany’s case, I would have her start with gratitude for all she has and has been given in her life. Then, I would ask her to envision her idea of a perfect life. Who would be in it? What would she be doing? What would it feel like? What would it look like? Obviously, her idea of what she wants out of life is not matching to what she is getting out of life right now or she would not be so unhappy. Then she could write out her idea and think about it. She could fold up the piece of paper, take it with her, and read it whenever she needed to remind herself of the new direction. The important thing to remember is that people, for the most part, write their own scripts for life. If a person does not like his or her life, then rewrite the script. Individuals create most of their own misery and are their own worst enemy. Accept and use the power of your thoughts.

american-idol-judgesYou have a chance to appear on the hit talent show for authors, American Book Idol, with judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Kara DioGuardi determining whether your book will make it to Hollywood and become a big screenplay. What would impress them more – your book cover, an excerpt or your best review – and why?

Content in a book is the most important, just as singing talent should be the most important on American Idol. I believe that though my reviews and my book cover are very good, my overall message is the most impressive. People can live more joyful, peaceful, passionate, and energetic lives. It is a choice every day. My book helps people move forward and embrace living a joyful life.

hulk-hoganHulk Hogan, the famous wrestler and star of his own reality show, has invited you and your book to appear on his show. One catch. You have to read a passage out of it to convince him you are star material. What part would you read?

“This is a book about living joyfully. I truly believe that every person can live an inspired, joyful life. I want this for you. Do you think you deserve a joyful life? There was a time when I did not think that I deserved to experience joy. What if life could flow and not be such a struggle? I want this for you.
There are just too many negative messages in not only the media, but inside people’s minds. We have to counter this negativity and really apply focused thinking in order to live joyfully and intentionally. In this book, I describe the methods that work for my family, my clients, and me. Open your heart and open your mind to change, real change, which comes from the inside.”

board-gameThey’ve invented a board game using the theme of your book. What would the title of it be that would be different from your book and which retail store would they place it to make the most sales?

It would be called, Who Wants to be a Life Coach? It would be available in stores like Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot. The main audience would be corporations who want to use it as an employee training or team building tool. Participants would take turns coaching and receiving coaching as they move around the board drawing cards with real life scenarios.

treeThe Arbor Day Foundation has decided to pick one tree in your honor because of your writing brilliance. What kind of tree is it and why did they choose that tree in relation to your book?

The Arbor Day Foundation chose a palm tree to honor my writing and my book because palm trees seem happy and are resilient to the forces of nature. I love beaches and vacations are joyful times. Whenever I see palm trees, my mind goes into vacation mode. Of course, if I lived in a tropical climate I might not think about vacations every time I saw one.

barack-obamaPresident Barack Obama has become the author of several books and he has requested your presence at a special hush hush meeting to discuss ways to promote it. Through luck of the draw, you were chosen. What would be the first thing you would tell Barack?

I would tell President Obama that he should proceed with promoting his books the same way he effectively promoted his campaign by using the internet (twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites). He should have a website for each of his books with a blog. He should conduct a virtual tour of high profile blogs that match his topics. He should also definitely recognize the importance of author promotion and not just rely on the publisher.

books9Finally, you just got word that your book has received the 2009 NY Times Bestselling Book Award and you have to attend the ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. Anyone who’s anyone will be there and it’s your shot for stardom. On stage, you must give an acceptance speech. What would you say and who would you thank?

Thank you for this great honor. My whole life, I have loved books and writing. Standing here today is a dream come true. To all of the aspiring writers out there, if I can do this, so can you. Dream big. I would like to thank my family for believing in this project from the start. I would like to thank Michele Caron for writing the foreword and being supportive from the very beginning. Thank you to inspirational writers everywhere. You truly do make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you to my readers and my clients. You truly inspire me. God bless you all.



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IN THE MAILBOX: Keys to Living Joyfully by Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff


I’ve had this book for a few weeks now and want to say I am enjoying it immensely. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to live joyfully?

Let me quote Sheri from her first page:

“Friends, I am writing this book for you. Every one of us has a tragic moment, event, or deep sadness that changes our lives forever. We may wonder if we can feel love, happiness, or joy ever again in out liftimes. At the same time, we may become deeply sensitive to others and more tolerant for the daily stressors in life. Our lives take a different path than one we imagined.”

keys-to-living-joyfullySheri’s “tragic moment” came when she was about to turn seventeen years old. She was thinking of cheerleading and her upcoming birthday party, and everything was great in her world.

That is, until she arrived home and found her brother dead, lying in a pool of blood. So began her search to reclaim happiness that had evaded all those years.

I so closely relate to Sheri and that might be why I am finding her book so healing to read.

I, too, found a member of my family dead. My mother. I was nineteen years old and had just married.

I, too, ran out of the house screaming and I, too, found it hard to heal such a deep wound.

I don’t believe the wound ever heals but time has a way of helping you to go on.

I’ll let you know in the upcoming weeks how Sheri’s book turns out, but I know where she was coming from when she wrote it. We’ll talk about joy and healing and how we can still claim happiness no matter what.

BTW, Sheri will be on a virtual book tour in March and April. If there is anyone who would like to host her during her tour, all it would involve is for you to either review her book, interview her or let her guest blog on your blog during the months of March or April. Leave a comment below with your email address and I’ll get back to you asap.

Sheri, if you are reading this, Godspeed to you.

If you would like to visit Sheri’s website to find out more about her book, visit www.lifeisjoyful.org.


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