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Interview with Children’s Picture Book Author Diana Rumjahn

Charlie and Mama KynaDiana Rumjahn received her bachelor’s degree in social science from San Francisco State University and has worked at the university for over the past two decades. She is currently an administrator at College of Creative Arts, where she received the “Star of the Month Award.” She wrote, directed, filmed, produced and edited the international award-winning film Going Home, which has been shown worldwide. Charlie and Mama Kyna is her first published book. You can visit Diana on the web at www.dianarumjahn.com.

Q: Thank you for this interview, Diana. Can you tell us what your latest book, Charlie and Mama Kyna, is all about?

A: Charlie and Mama Kyna is a charming book with beautiful illustrations for children. The story and illustrations are based on my internationally acclaimed film, Going Home, which was shown worldwide, including 45 film festivals and London Film Festival.

The story is about a little stuffed animal frog, named Charlie who runs away in fear after accidentally breaking his mother’s favorite vase. Charlie makes his way to the city and meets a stuffed animal Lion, named Leo and a stuffed animal giraffe named Joe outside Mrs. Cupcake’s Bakery. The three become best friends and live inside a little orange tent outside the bakery.

After awhile, Charlie becomes homesick, misses his mother, Kyna, decides to go home and invites Leo and Joe to live with them. On the next sunny day, Charlie, Leo and Joe, journey to find Mama Kyna’s home.

Q: Is this your first novel?  If not, how has writing this novel different from writing your first?

A:  Yes.

Q: How difficult was it writing your book?  Did you ever experience writer’s block and, if so, what did you do?

A:  It was a little challenging. When writer’s block happens, I stop writing and take a break. Listening to my favorite music, drinking a hot cup of tea and or taking a walk helps me break up writer’s block. Sometimes I would completely drop the current project and move on to the next. Later on, new ideas for the project being shelved will flow automatically.

Q: How have your fans embraced your latest novel?  Do you have any funny or unusual experiences to share?

A: They have asked me for another book and film. Everyone has a favorite picture in mind.

Q: What is your daily writing routine?

A: I do not have a set routine. When I am inspired to write, I can write every minute of the day until the project is done.

Q: When you put the pen or mouse down, what do you do to relax?

A: I listen to inspiring music by Enya, watch a movie that I have never seen before, concentrate on the next film project, start filming on the new project, take a walk, or hang out at a café.

Q: What book changed your life?

A:  For me, it would not be a book. My film, Going Home, changed my life.

Q: If someone were to write a book on your life, what would the title be?

A:  If Only

Q: Finish this sentence: “The one thing that I wish people would understand about me is…”

A: That I am a filmmaker and author who creates the lives of stuffed animals on film.

Thank you for this interview, Diana.  I wish you much success on your latest release, Charlie and Mama Kyna.

Thank you for interviewing me. It was pleasure.

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