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Welcome to As the Pages Turn where you’ll find lots of great books to add to your reading list! Book giveaways, book reviews, guest bloggers and an occasional author interview or two.

If you are an author, publisher or publicist and would like to have your books reviewed here, we apologize for the inconvenience but we will not be taking anymore book requests until after summer ’15.  Thank you!

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  1. Book Review Request

    I am a first time author and just released my book on Lulu.com. I have spent the last 15 years of my life trying to find a way into the comic book industry. Eventually I grew tired of waiting and decided with the encouragement of my wife to publish my stories as long fiction. My first book, No Vacancies contains 4 short stories, two of which will continue in future volumes of No Vacancies. Any support or advice would be welcome.

  2. Hi As The Pages Turn!

    I was wandering around the internet, and stumbled across your blog. Yay more talking about fun books! Good onya, our universe needs more of that.

    As an author and cartoonist myself, I thought I should say hello, and point you toward my website! Here’s hoping mine is the sort of humor you enjoy, and that you’d like to share what I do with all your readers!

    My name is Ray Friesen, I write and draw a series of humor adventure graphic novels (chock full of pirates and penguins and all sorts of silly things). My first, ‘ A Cheese Related Mishap’ was one of the American Library Association’s Top Ten Graphic Novels of the Year for Kids! (my books are aimed at children, but adults who have a inner child are fans as well). A free first chapter preview of all my books (including ‘YARG!’ ‘Another Dirt Sandwich’ and the forthcoming ‘Cupcakes of DOOM!) as well as my weekly webcomic are all available at my website, http://www.DontEatAnyBugs.com. Get yourself addicted! If you like to laugh, giggling is guaranteed.

    Thanks very much! If you are inclined to talk about me on your blog after this, I’d like to do anything possible to help! If you do interviews, I’m available, if you need pictures, anything on my site is up for grabs, and if you have any special requests, I’d love to help in anyway I can! I like to spread the love, but not too thin or else you can’t taste it.


  3. Oop, Sorry, I thought this was your email form. Wasn’t paying proper attention. Allow me to email you the exact same information!

  4. Book Review Request:


    I just wanted to let you know about my latest book called “Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets” (http://www.BlogBlazers.com) in which I interviewed 40 of the top bloggers, including Seth Godin, Aaron Wall, Jeff Atwood, Neil Patel, and so on (you can find the complete list at: http://www.blogblazers.com/bloggers).

    Assuming you’re interested, I’d like to mail you a complimentary copy to look at.

    If you are interested in writing about it (or even if you’d just like to get more information) please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be more than happy to help you out any way I can.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I await your reply with your mailing address so that I can ship you out a copy of the book right away!

    Stephane Grenier

  5. I’m not asking for a review, just a quick peek a ch 1 of an upcoming novel. You can actually help me and my agent get the YA fantasy novel, ‘Lethal Inheritance’ published just by visiting http://publishersearch.wordpress.com . It would be great it you also had the time to look at ch 1.

    Here’s a teaser

    If last night was real then Ariel should be dead, but her mother has disappeared, there are bruise marks on her neck and that hideous beast in the photo looks frighteningly familiar.

    If you like what you read, I’d really appreciate it if you mentioned it to your readers as an upcoming book and suggest they go to the site for a peek.

  6. Hello,
    My name is Sequoya Willis and I am putting together a virtual book tour for my self-published memoir THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE: Memoirs of a Child Abuse Victim. I would be honored, if you would consider being a host for my tour. I would like to launch the book tour during National Child Abuse Awareness Month, which is in April of 2011. The book is a true story about me and the different scenarios that I went through as a child. I invite you to visit my website and hopefully it will help you in making your decision on whether or not you’re willing to use your blog or website as a host for my virtual tour. I am opened to any service you are available to provide such as, a review, interview, podcast, blog, etc. I would also love to offer a free book and blue-ribbon give away. The blue-ribbon is a symbol of the fight against child abuse and is worn during National Child Abuse Awareness month in April. I am willing to abide by any requirements that you may have and would be more than happy to send you a copy of my book via mail or email. I can be reached by telephone, email, or through my website, which are: (804)896-6470, sequoyawillis@gmail.com; and http://fightofmylife.webs.com.
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Sequoya Willis
    Motivational Speaker & Author
    “Excuses are like the people who make them…….tired” –Sequoya Willlis

  7. inkspeare

    This week (at Inkspeare) was all about Awesome WordPress Bloggers – your blog was featured today http://inkspeare.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/day-7-awesome-wordpress-bloggers/

  8. I see your blog says you are not accepting review requests, but I noticed it is dated for 2010. Are you currently accepting review requests? If so, where would I send it?

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