Character Profile Sheet for Roxy Drake from Irene Woodbury’s ‘Honeymoon Roulette’

Years ago (and still applies today), the experts were telling fiction writers that in order to really know their main character, they must come up with a character profile sheet for them and definitely applies to all your characters as well.  This is a good practice because once you know all the ins and outs of all your characters, the book flows better and allows the author to get inside the head of each of their characters.

We decided to ask authors if they would like to come up with a character sketch of their main character, throwing in a few unique questions to make it really fun!

Today we have Irene Woodbury stopping by on her blog tour with a character sketch of her main character, Roxy Drake.  Enjoy!


Learn more about Roxy Drake!

Name of Character:   Roxy Drake

Age:   25

Eye Color:  blue-green

Hair Color: Blond

Birthplace:   Evanston, Illinois

Marital Status:  Perpetually engaged

Children:   None

Place of Residence:  Summerlin, Nevada

Description of Home:   1-bedroom apartment above Jake Dorito’s garage

Dominant Character Trait:  A stubborn-confused-vulnerable romantic.

Best Friend:  Crystal Hicks

Enemies and Why:  The Fleck Triplets:  Chad, Corey, & Curtis. They kidnapped Crystal and me from a Las Vegas casino during an armed robbery and held us captive for 4 harrowing months on a dysfunctional alfalfa farm in Pahrump, Nevada

Temperament:   Sensitive, emotional, impulsive. My parents were rich control-freaks. This leads to the crisis at my wedding to Connor in Vegas.

Ambition:  To figure out my love life.

Educational Background:   I graduated from the Culinary Institute of Chicago

Philosophy of Life:  Try to avoid people who want to dominate you & run your life, even if they’re your parents.

Bad Habits:  Canceling or postponing weddings at the last minute.

Talents:  Great taste and style. Very good at renovating & decorating homes.

Hobby or Hobbies:  getting engaged

Why is Character Likeable?   I’m sensitive but stubborn. I bolt from my wedding to Connor 1 hour before the ceremony & manage to survive the next 2 years in some pretty harsh conditions.

Favorite Pig Out Food:   Cheese enchiladas

Character Mini-Interview:

Every New Year’s I resolve to:  stop getting engaged so often

Nobody knows I am:  Hiding out in Jake’s garage apartment in Summerlin, Nevada

I wish:   I knew which man to trust and which one to dump

The worse part of my life is:  having to worry about being discovered by the cops in Vegas because I’m a missing person in Illinois.

I want to teach my children that: They have a right to do what they want and find their own happiness. What they want for themselves is more important than what I want for them.

A good time for me is:  shopping for wedding gowns with my best friend, Crystal

The worse advice my father gave me is:   Don’t marry Connor J. Barrington.

When I feel sorry for myself I:  E-mail ex-fiances and get in a lot of trouble

My friends like me because: I’m fun to be with. I shop a lot, and I get engaged a lot.

My major accomplishment is:  Surviving 4 harrowing months of captivity on a dysfunctional alfalfa farm in Pahrump, Nevada. Surviving my honeymoon. Just surviving, period.

My most humbling experience was:  Eating the raunchy breakfasts slapped together by Wanda on the Fleck Farm:  The fried, burnt Spam, runny scrambled eggs, and charred toast slathered with lard were disgusting. But we were hungry, so we had to eat it.


Luckily for all you fans of romantic fiction, Irene Woodbury knows that what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t have to stay there. The Denver-based author has captured the heart and soul of Sin City in four colorful, suspenseful novels.

Irene Woodbury

In the gritty, engrossing Romeo Stalker (2021), a Vegas showgirl’s life is plunged into stalker-hell when her ex returns from prison and learns she has a new boyfriend. Love and Payback (2021) is a dark, dramatic look at a married woman’s mysterious death in Sin City, where she has gone to meet an Internet love.

In the darkly humorous Honeymoon Roulette (2021), a bride goes rogue after learning her handsome fiance may have killed his first two wives. And A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis (2021) is the vibrant, funny story of a mixed-up newlywed who goes to Vegas for a girls’ weekend that never ends.

Irene, a successful travel writer whose favorite destinations are London and Las Vegas, is currently working on another novel.

You can visit her website at or connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


To marry or not to marry Connor J. Barrington? That is the question Roxy Drake faces one hour before her wedding, when she discovers her handsome fiance may have murdered his first two wives. Did Connor kill Annie and Charlotte, or simply let them die? Does Roxy become wife number three, or the runaway bride from hell? Find out in the darkly funny Honeymoon Roulette.


Honeymoon Roulette is funny and off the average track of love and romance stories. Honeymoon Roulette was a very quick and fun read. It was impossible not to love Roxy and share in the troubles she got herself into at every turn. There is plenty of romance but no vulgar sex scenes or cursing going on, only lots of good clean reading. This book is perfect for an afternoon at the pool or a relaxing day snuggled in front of the fireplace. Irene Woodbury has created great characters and a plot that leaves you wanting more. I am hoping for a second book so I can continue to follow my new friend Roxy’s life. Do not pass up Honeymoon Roulette – it is a winner.”

Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review


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    As the Pages Turn, thanks for being part of my PUYB blog tour ! The page looks beautiful — I will Tweet this out to my followers — your blog looks great !
    All the best to you, Irene Woodbury

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