The Story behind ‘Complicit’ by Amy Rivers

The Story Behind the Book

When you live in a small town, you sometimes think you know everything that happens. There are no secrets. Everyone knows your business. And in some cases, this is true. Small towns are usually close knit. People have known each other for years. Families have been friends (or enemies) for generations. But there are always secrets.

Having worked at a sexual assault service program in a small town, I know all too well how little we know about what goes on behind closed doors. It’s shocking. It’s sickening. But for those of use who have walked in that arena, we know that silence hides violence. Fear, intimidation, and shame keep victims from reporting. The criminal justice system isn’t always helpful or fair. There are a lot of really good people fighting an uphill battle, and one problem we face is the public perception that it can’t happen here or he/she…

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