The Story behind ‘In My Next Life I’ll Get It Right’ by Rosemary Mild

The Story Behind the Book

I’d been a career editor, starting at Harper’s Magazine and ending as a writer for a major defense corporation. In 1993 Larry retired early as an engineer so we could spend winters in Honolulu with family. I agreed, but I suddenly realized I was no longer a professional editor/writer—I felt I’d lost my identity. So I began writing and publishing personal essays, which gave me my own special voice. Writing this book is a culmination of my thoughts, ideas, research, and experiences, all with a goal of entertaining readers.

The essays range from the hilarious to the serious. In “Character Floss,” published in the Washington Post, I reveal a ridiculous encounter I had in a parking lot.

My last chapter is called “Miriam.” How could I write this book without telling the world about my only child, Miriam Luby Wolfe? We lost Miriam in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am…

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