The Story Behind ‘Bullet in the Chamber’ by John DeDakis

The Story Behind the Book

Cover art Bullet.jpgBullet in the Chamber is personal.  The story explores, in part, the heroin overdose that killed my son Stephen.

I came up with the title on August 24, 2011 – three days after Stephen went missing.  He was gone for a week, but was eventually found dead in my car parked next to a Neighborhood Watch sign in a quiet residential area near my home in Washington, D.C.

Eight months later, I began writing the first draft, but I was only able to write six chapters before I had to stop.  It was too soon.

I set the project aside for nearly two years — until September 2014.  Over the next seven months, I wrote the first full draft.  Portions of the original, agonizing chapters survive.

Many people played an important role in my life during the creation of the book. I’m especially grateful to my grief counselor, Adrienne Kraft…

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