Chapter reveal: The Wrong Road Home, by Ian A. O’Connor

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ianoconnor-72dpi-1500x2000-2Title: The Wrong Road Home – A story of treachery and deceit inspired by true events

Author: Ian A. O’Connor

Release Date: March 31, 2016

Publisher: Pegasus Publishing & Entertainment Group

Pages: 280

Genre: Historical Medical Crime

Format: Trade paperback and EBook

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Book Description

“An intimate look at a life lived as a lie.” – Kirkus Reviews

Inspired by a true story, The Wrong Road Home is the story of Desmond Donahue. Born into abject poverty in Ireland, Donahue went on to successfully practice his craft as a surgeon for 20 years—first in Ireland and then the United States.  So isn’t Donahue’s tale a classic rags-to-riches, American dream story?  Hardly.  Donahue was girded with nothing more than a Chicago School System GED and several counterfeit medical diplomas. It seems impossible—and understandably so—but it’s a story based on a Miami Herald Sunday edition…

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