The Story behind ‘The Asset’ by Anna del Mar

The Story Behind the Book

The_Asset_High ResTwo years ago I wasn’t even thinking about writing a romance. I’d had these stories in my mind for a long time, but the idea of setting aside everything else I was doing and putting down these stories intimidated the heck out of me. And then one day, while we were on vacation in Colorado, I said to myself: Hey, you’re on vacation. You get to do whatever your little heart desires. If you feel like writing a romance, go ahead, write it. After all, this is your time off!

Inspired by the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and the heroes and heroines I’d met during my time as a Navy wife, The Asset just poured out of me. The story wrote itself, compelling, intense and vivid in my mind, about a woman desperate to escape her dangerous past and the navy SEAL who would lay down his life to save her…

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  1. Hello As the Pages Turn! I stopped by to say hi and thank you for featuring The Asset in your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

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