The Story Behind ‘Cornered’ by Linda DeFruscio

The Story Behind the Book

Cornered_medRichard Sharpe was a Harvard-educated doctor who wanted to become known for finding a cure for cancer (which his mother had died from) and other diseases. He loved research and he loved technology. He actually created software that would help doctors track their patients’ mammograms. He felt that too many times, lost, misplaced or neglected paperwork led doctors (and patients) to ignore important disease indicators until it was too late. This was back in the early days of the computer. There was nothing else like his health-tracking program at that time. He sold versions of it to various health clinics, ob/gyn practices, federal prisons and others. But instead of becoming known for this or any of his many other achievements, he became known as the “cross-dressing millionaire dermatologist who killed his wife.” How did that happen?

Richard Sharpe had been my friend long before he committed his terrible crime. I…

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