Interview with Ginger Marks, author of ‘Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom’


In 2005, Ginger completed her first business book, Presentational Skills for the Next Generation. Soon after which, she established her publishing company, DocUmeant Publishing. She is an award winning publisher and internationally known designer. Ginger is the CEO and Founder of CALOMAR, LLC which is the parent company to three successful businesses,, DocUmeant Designs, and DocUmeant Publishing. In 2013 she was named by Covington Who’s Who as Entrepreneur of the Year and her design firm is among the Highest Rated firms at which lists over 20,000 designers, developers & marketing professionals. offers editing and writing services;, as you would guess, focuses on designs ranging from websites to book covers & layouts to buttons and business stationary needs; while’s focus was begun with the self-published author in mind.

During her entrepreneurial career she has owned and operated a surgical clinic, a bar-b-que restaurant, and held several sales positions including that as a License Financial Advisor. This experience is what enables her to speak on various aspects of business ownership.

Ginger is a member of DesignFirms, AAPS (Association of Authors and Publishers), IBPA (International Book Publishers Association), DBW (Digital Book World), and FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association). In 2012 she was awarded VIP membership to Covington Who’s Who and her publishing company, DocUmeant Publishing, was awarded the 2012 New York Award in the Publishing Consultants & Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

Currently she resides in Clearwater, Florida with her husband Philip who works beside her as her copy editor.

You can visit her website at Ginger Marks’ Books

Q: Thank you for this interview, Ginger Marks. Can you tell us what your latest book, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom, is all about?

A: Certainly. The Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom began as a private compilation of my business writings and personal musings. After I wrote it I discovered it was too good to keep hidden. So, I designed it in ebook format and quickly heard the cry for a print version. And so, today it is available in all formats.

Q: How did you come up with the idea?

A: As I mentioned, I simply wanted to compile my business writings into one file that I could easily access and find subject matter for my own benefit.

Q: What kind of research did you do before and during the writing of your book?

A: Whenever I write, I like to find resources that back up what I am speaking/writing about. So, quite often in my articles you will discover new sources and resources that you may find beneficial as you build your career as an entrepreneur.

Q: If a reader can come away from reading your book with one valuable message, what would that be?

A: As Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up.” If you stick to your plan and don’t let others deter you from your goals, you can attain them.

Q: Can you give us a short excerpt?

A: I would be happy to. In the Business section there is an article titled, “Consistency is the Key.”

Like most business owners your goal for your company and life is to create and enjoy a carefree lifestyle; one free of financial worry. In pursuit of this dream you have carefully considered the many types of business products and services until you found the one that feels right to you. You invest time and money in preparation for the day you announce to the world that you are in business. Embarking on this journey many new entrepreneurs incorrectly believe the old saying, “build it and they will come.” Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Just because you stock your shelves and open the door doesn’t guarantee success. It takes a consistent commitment to your business to guarantee your dream will be realized.

Oft times as new and seasoned business owners we grow complacent with our prosperity. You may work hard marketing your business for a time and then when “your hands are full” you may have a tendency to slack off. You may genuinely believe that if you actively continue to market your business you won’t be able to meet your commitments. So you slow down the pace. This is exactly the wrong thing to do. If you sustain the marketing pace when things are at their peak you will create much more than just a mediocre level of success.

Two things will happen. First, you can eliminate the peaks and valleys of boom and recession. Second, you may have to enlist the advice and support of others. Now wouldn’t that be a frightening thought? Sure your business growing out of control can be a problem, however if you look around, you will discover others who will gladly facilitate you when you need the extra help. A Virtual Assistants (VA) could be an idea choice. They will lend a hand for a very reasonable fee.

Hiring a VA is a sound business move. They can assist you with ongoing projects as well as filling your short-term needs. As with any professional, each VA has their area of expertise, so be sure to ask them if you don’t know what theirs is. Realistically you could hire more than one VA. For example, I use one VA for all my audio conversion needs and another for research and gathering of documentation, while still another for writing and distributing all of my press release notices. If you don’t already know a VA contact me and I will be happy to share the names of a few that I am familiar with; not only their name but their business ethics as well.

As you actively pursue your market, your reach expands; as your reach expands you reach new customers; and as you reach new customers your business grows. It is when you break this routine that you stagnate your business’s growth.

Whether you build your business by networking or advertising or a combination of those two, consistency is the key that will unlock the door to your financial freedom and business success.

Q: In your own experience, is it hard to get a nonfiction book published today? How did you do Ginger marks bookit?

A: Now that everyone is self-publishing, the doors have been flung open wide to both fiction and non-fiction alike. When I help other authors in the publishing process, I know that the mistakes I made they will be able to avoid, and thus have a high quality book or ebook that they can be proud of.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: This is a funny question, because no day is typical. Each and every day is brand new, with new challenges and opportunities. Of course, no day would even start without my coffee and devotional.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I am currently working on my Sixth Edition Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide: Your calendar of marketing ideas which will be available in ebook format in December of this current year.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview, Ginger Marks. We wish you much success!

A: Thank you for having me ; it has been my pleasure to chat with you and your audience today.

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