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What’s the real secret to radiant beauty? It may come as no surprise that how we look on the outside is directly connected to the beauty deep inside us. What’s more, when we are burdened with the weight of low self-esteem, it’s all-too-visible in our physical appearance. That’s why a truly successful makeover begins by reconnecting with who we are at our very core—long before the swipe of the credit card or snip of the shears.

Now, fashion stylist Lakeysha-Marie Green has written a groundbreaking new guide to developing show-stopping beauty from the inside out. Inspirational and easy to use, The Seeds of Beauty seamlessly joins the key elements of inner beauty with savvy, expert style advice on making the most of your own physical attributes. Addressing both of these all-important parts of true beauty, this gorgeous resource comes together in one illuminating journey that looks as fabulous as it feels. In Part One, “Beauty Within,” you’ll learn to build a foundation of self-love, exploring subjects such as acknowledging your value, developing resilience and finding the courage to move forward. Part Two, “Beauty Reflected,” offers you practical advice on wardrobe fundamentals to bring out your beauty and create a winning style, such as working with your body type, selecting your best colors, choosing a swimsuit, and even building a shoe wardrobe. Unlike other fashion and beauty makeover books on the market, The Seeds of Beauty challenges you to discover just why you are uniquely beautiful on the inside. Once you have embraced your own brand of beauty, you’ll be truly motivated to master the building blocks to accentuate your appearance—and glow with your own exquisite beauty from the inside out. PURCHASE AT: amazon


The Power of Purpose


“Attain the unattainable.”

Tennyson, Timbuctoo

Change does not always begin with a well-forged plan from point A to point B. Sometimes change begins with a fleeting thought, a flicker of inspiration, or even a phone call from an old friend to say hello. Then—like a magnet—it draws our thoughts and emotions, inviting excitement with the anticipation of a new life and a new sense of being.

As you begin your journey to further develop yourself, you may find that change is also a little like standing at the beginning of a path with a blindfold on. When you cannot see the path in front of you, it can be difficult to begin the journey. But with a little direction, you will find the courage you need to take that first step forward.

Defining the purpose of this makeover is one of the most important steps of transforming into a more beautiful you. Immersed in the daily expectations of jobs and obligations, we often forget that we too have a voice. And guess what? It matters.

By taking the time to identify what you desire to achieve, you mentally create an electric anticipation that will assist you in the pursuit of your transformation goals. In the simplest terms, your aspirations will light the way as you move forward with your evolution. Even though the path can change and veer as you progress, it’s easier to take a step forward when you have a vision to guide you.

There was a period when I believed that in order to change my life all I needed was a solid plan. Sounds simple enough, right? After prepping with a few mental side-bends and heart-thumping music to pump myself up, I would sit down to chart out my course of action, only to find a blank white page staring back at me. I was exasperated to find that I had absolutely no idea how to get started.


A plan simply isn’t enough.

Unless you know what you want to get out of your life, or a vision, it is very difficult to outline a course of action.

No matter how self-assured we are, honestly asking ourselves, “What do I want out of life?” can be the most daunting question of all.

At the age of seven, I was convinced that I wanted to be a baker in a magnificent pasticeria when I grew up. Visions of skillfully applying freshly whipped pink icing to a cooled layered yellow cake as the fragrance of warm pastries lingered in the air spilled from my childish mind. Imagine, earning money and eating all the free cake I wanted all day long—what more could a sane person want?

Well, seven was a very long time ago. As I grew into an adult and evolved as an individual, I got to know myself better. I found that I wanted more meaningful things like family, great friends, and time to enjoy them. It’s no secret that the more you grow and get to know yourself, the more you will discover what you want out of life. So don’t feel like you have to have all the answers in the beginning. Just begin by taking time to think about where you would like to be.

Ready to get started?

Close your eyes and visualize yourself peacefully relaxed in your favorite place. Whether it’s the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet as you inhale the tranquil saltiness of the sea breeze or nestled snugly in a love-worn chair wrapped in a blanket of bliss, here exists only you and your vision of happiness.

In this place there are no demands with each ring of the cell phone. In this place there is no one present to tell you that you are foolish for hoping for something better. Here, there is not a soul present to remind you of shortcomings. In this moment there is only you and the beauty of everything that is you. As you recline comfortably, focus on what it means for you to be happy with yourself. What does loving and accepting yourself for who you are look like? What does it feel like to you?

Feel the happiness as it courses through you. See the smile on your face as you appreciate yourself. Feel the loving embrace and comfort of accepting yourself as you are and the anticipation of being a better reflection of yourself. Visualize the light within you growing. See it radiating. Watch it wrap itself around you and then around your loved ones. After all, by making the commitment to better ourselves, we in turn better the world and those around us.

It is essential to create a solid foundation upon which to build your dreams. Now is the time to determine the values that are important for your personal success. This is an external exercise as much as it is internal. You will find that surrounding yourself with companions who share your values will create an invaluable positive support system.

When trying to determine what you desire to achieve, you may find it easier to look at your current life and work backwards. Ask yourself, “What do I want to eliminate and change?” By eliminating the negatives in your life, you free up more room for the positives to come in.

Beauty Brainstorm:

  1. What in your life has led you to make the pivotal decision to begin your transformation?

2.  What are the three most meaningful qualities that you wish to develop within yourself?

  1. Do you see these present in those with whom you associate and the environments that you function in?
  1. If you were to momentarily strip every limitation from your mind and alleviate all traces of doubt, what magnificent things do you see yourself achieving? Imagine if all of your wishes could be granted with the wave of your hand. What is your perfect day? Allow yourself to dream.


Author Lakeysha-Marie Green is no stranger to tackling style dilemmas. A fashion stylist and former women’s fit technologist, her extensive experience in the fashion industry taught her the importance of fit, fashion, and effortless style. Her penchant for creativity led to her work in editorial magazines, international film premieres, and advertising. Passionate about helping women to look their best, Lakeysha-Marie has contributed her style expertise on television and in print publications. Inspired by her own roller coaster ride to self-discovery, Lakeysha-Marie began writing to illustrate the potential for transformation that lies within us all. She holds a degree in fashion design & merchandising, with continued coursework in styling & photography from the London College of Fashion.

Visit her blog at:


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