Alex and Katija: High and Mighty by Gordon Hooper Book Feature

Join Gordon Hooper, author of the dark humor/adventure novel, Alex and Katija: High and Mighty, as he tours the blogosphere April 15- June 14, 2013 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!



Alex and Katija are quite the pair. Selfish, cruel, greedy, sleazy and violent—why, the negative adjectives could easily fill a small volume of their own. Over the top, always offensive and never politically correct—their sole redeeming quality is, they are not child molesters.

Alex is heir and owner of the Holstein Private Investigation Agency, located in Stockholm, Sweden. While he is the agency’s brains, Katija provides the brawn, as resident henchwoman. Their setup is sweet, with a never-ending supply of clients appearing at their doorstep and asking for help, only to be swindled out of their money, robbed, or beaten, and then sent on their way. Except some who, wrapped in chains, are dumped into the murky waters of nearby Nybro Viken.

Alex and Katija fight the natural as well as the supernatural—the only thing they really dread is the horrors of gainful employment. This threat is ever present as their finances are chronically atrocious, usually due to the black vacuum of the weekend, with all its powders and pills.

Their cases take them across the globe—so beware! There is NOWHERE to hide.





Gordon Hooper is the author of “Alex and Katija, High and Mighty.” It was published on, November 6 2012, courtesy of Seattle publisher New Libri Press.

One could tell his life’s story with a poem:

Born by gypsies
Raised by wolves
Schooled by fools
Employed by cretins
Scooped up by Libri

Highly inaccurate and somewhat irrelevant prose, yes yes I know – what are you, my mother?
But when has truth, that dull ignoramus, ever been able to measure up to a well-crafted lie?
Most of his work is created solely to make people laugh, or at the very least smile. He tries to be offensive as often as humanly possible.
When not – then he is most likely being semi-blackmailed by his publisher, who has a hell of a job in keeping us all out of jail and preventing the premises of New Libri Press from being torched.
Contrary to his wishes he currently resides in the depressing little freeze box of Stockholm, Sweden.
He was born on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain in 1977, but was imported to the frigid shores of Sweden at the tender age of two.
He is currently working on the sequel “Alex and Katija, The terrible Two.”
For more warping of morals, bending of truths and breaking of laws – enter the electronic vortex via the portal below.

Alex and Katja is his first published book. You can visit Gordon Hooper’s website at



Alex and Katija Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule


Monday, April 15 – Interviewed at Allvoices

Wednesday, April 17 – Guest blogging at The Story Behind the Book

Friday, April 19 – Guest Blogging at Between the Covers

Tuesday, April 23 – First Chapter Reveal at Freda’s Voice

Wednesday, April 24 – Interviewed at Digital Journal

Thursday, April 25 – Interviewed at Examiner

Friday, April 26 – Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

Tuesday, May 7 – Book featured at Between the Covers

Wednesday, May 8 – Guest blogging at The Writer’s Life

Thursday, May 9 – Interviewed at Book Marketing Buzz

Monday, May 13 – Interviewed at Literal Exposure

Tuesday, May 14 – Book featured at Plug Your Book

Thursday, May 16 – Guest blogging at Literarily Speaking

Monday, May 20 – Interviewed at Broowaha

Tuesday, May 21 – Guest blogging at Straight from the Author’s Mouth

Wednesday, May 22 – Book featured at Beyond the Books

Thursday, May 23 – Interviewed at Review From Here

Tuesday, May 28 – Guest blogging at You Gotta Read

Thursday, May 30 – Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Monday, June 3 – First Chapter Reveal at CelticLady’s Reviews

Tuesday, June 4 – Book reviewed at Mary’s Cup of Tea

Wednesday, June 5 – Interviewed at My Cozie Corner

Thursday, June 6 – Book featured at Authors and Readers Book Corner

Friday, June 7 – Guest blogging at The Paperback Pursuer

Friday, June 7 – Book featured at She Writes

Monday, June 10 – Guest blogging at Newsvine

Tuesday, June 11 – Interviewed at American Chronicle

Wednesday, June 12 – Interviewed at Redroom

Thursday, June 13 – Book featured at I’m Shelf-ish

Friday, June 14 – Interviewed at Blogher


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