First Chapter Reveal : Past Tense: 365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You – for Good! by Ron and Shawn Kilgarlin


Shawn V. Kilgarlin is a writer, speaker, and Chief Operating Officer of Louisiana-based American Screening Corporation (ASC), a nationwide leader in drug testing products since 2004. In 2011, she was named a Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year in Health Care Support. Ms. Kilgarlin’s husband (and co-author), Ron Kilgarlin is ASC’s CEO and an internationally recognized sales expert. Their company has helped over a million people deal with the plague of substance abuse. While unusually active in her industry and community, Ms. Kilgarlin’s true passions are writing and helping those in need. She is the author of the book God’s Love Letters: Overcoming Adversity. Past Tense is her second book.

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About Ron Kilgarlin

Ron Kilgarlin is founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Screening Corporation. He no stranger to adversity, under extreme conditions, and with his father’s sound advice, he sold off an underperforming company. On January 2004, Ron started American Screening Corporation, in his parent’s sunroom.

Under his direction, 9 years later & with the help of his wife Shawn Kilgarlin, COO, ASC is now the #1 Rapid Drug Testing Company in the United States. In 2009 his company was awarded by GSA, a contract, to sell to federal government agencies. ASC is ISO 13485 Certified, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of Rapid Drug & Point of Care Tests, serving US & International Clients, including Medical, Corrections, Retail, Direct Consumer, Commercial, & Government Markets. ASC has Free Sale Certificates in 27 foreign countries, Health Canada, Saudi FDA, & Iran OFAC license.

Ron is a drug testing expert helping over 1 million clients fight the plague of drug & alcohol addictions. Ron is an internationally recognized sales & internet marketing expert. He led the creations of, which is the premiere website to purchase drug & health tests, with over 4000 products and growing.

Ron has recently accepted a position on the board, for the Louisiana Economic Development Council, as Ambassador, for executive’s considering expansion or relocation.

His love for writing started years ago as he kept a journal for self- improvement. His goal is to reach out, inspire, and connect with the world, sharing his personal stories of hardship, and researched studies on techniques for self-improvement.

While not working Ron enjoys spending time with his beloved family, traveling the open road, smoking fine cigars, reading, & writing.

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The Stress Relief Handbook:

365 Page-A-Day Ways

to Live a Happier Life

by Shawn Kilgarlin

Preface – Why This Book Was Written

 I started this project two years ago, then I put it on the shelf. Maybe I thought I wasn’t qualified to write such a book. Who was I, anyway? But then I realized God gives everyone a talent, and if we use that talent, He smiles. My talent is my easy-going, happy spirit. I naturally always see the positive in a situation. I had this early in life. My parents struggled financially but we never knew it; we were treated like royalty. My siblings and I were treated with love and respect, and given strong moral values. My wonderful mother gave me a happy childhood and excellent upbringing, but that doesn’t mean everything was hearts and flowers. I was raised by two strict Catholic parents, and literally wasn’t let out of the house until I was 18. As a result, when I entered the world it was with happy, child-like innocence. I didn’t know problems if they were staring me in the face. My innate happiness and inner joy were sorely tested by the real world.

After I had my third baby, I had a rough time. Whether it was post-partum depression, burnout, or even a midlife crisis, who knows. I never told a soul what was going on with me, but my husband knew something was wrong. My dear husband Ron had to plead with me to come back to Earth, as he repeated “I love you” over and over. All the years I had helped him overcome his own problems were repaid completely as he helped me work through my malaise.

As everyone has strengths, we all have weaknesses. Mine is that I trust everyone; I’m gullible and naive to the real world, a little too much. As I slowly got through my depressed situation, I learned to meet people in the middle and stay guarded until I knew they could be trusted.

Ron and I have been married for 12 years and together for 17. My midlife crisis shook him and he had to dig deep to rescue me. And now, he is my hero! We found the strength and ability to weather the storm, to make love work, and now, to write this book for you. We hope to inspire you, to enlighten you if we can, and to touch your soul.

As a couple, we started out from zero, selling drug tests, working out of our home, and grew our operation into a multi-million dollar business. We went broke once, suffered through some tragedies, but ultimately we helped many families, parents, offenders, probation officers, treatment professionals, and people like you to build a better life. We are not perfect, but together we have helped over 30,000 customers in the substance abuse treatment market.

As you might imagine, I have heard many troubling stories of treatment pain, love against all odds, and recovery. From this experience, I truly believe in miracles and I truly believe in love. I truly believe in God, and I truly believe in your potential. I feel certain that you can overcome any trial or tribulation that comes your way.

And if you don’t believe it, just read this book!

~ Shawn Kilgarlin






My lovely wife and I decided to write this book to assist people in dealing with the external stressors over which we have no control. We want to help people to manage their responses and inspire them to live a more positive life.


We’ve learned that, in some cases, you can bring stress on yourself. When dealing with environmental stressors such as loud noises, traffic, television, noise from your kids, or a lengthy presence in large crowds, you can control that situation by managing your emotional responses. How? One way is to listen to audio and music programs that inform and soothe you. Another is to read positive inspirational books like this one. We become what we think about.


It’s not easy being alone in this world. It’s not even easy if you’re a married couple. Let’s not kid each other; the divorce rate is at an all-time high. We want to assist both individuals and couples in controlling their stress. We want people to stay married and not terminate their relationship when it can be salvaged. We want to help people control their responses to external events they may feel they have no control over. We value marriage. When we said “Till death do us part” we meant to be married for life.


Some people reading this book may have addictions to overcome. We’re very familiar with that. Over the years, our drug testing company and expert staff have assisted many parents, treatment centers, and other commercial businesses in identifying drug problems. Through treatment and employee assistance programs, we have enabled people to take necessary actions to rejuvenate their lives. Once you identify the problem, you can work with a professional for a solution, and reading self-help books like this one can be a major first step in turning the problem around.


It is our belief that we are all God’s children. There is light at the end of any dark tunnel. We can be captains of our soul and masters of our fate, but first we must believe that. In this book, we’ll share with you how to get there.


We have all faced life-challenging issues in some form or another. I grew up with an angel for a mother but I also had an abusive father who destroyed my self-image as a child. My wife grew up having to pay her way through college with no financial support, working three jobs. Like me, Shawn has a great heart to never quit. I have watched with great pride over the years as my wife has remained enthusiastic and positive no matter what. We failed at our business the first time we tried, but God gave us a second chance. Through faith in the Lord and hard work, we have continued to meet and exceed our goals. We’re talking the talk because we’ve walked the walk, and now we’d like to share what we’ve learned with you.


The 23rd Psalm says: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.” Part of our reason for writing this book is to share the courage we have gained, and we hope it helps you.


~ Ron Kilgarlin



Stress Relief is right here, in your hands.

Are you tense and need a break? You will love this book! Open it to any page on any day. You’ll find guidance and useful tips that are positive, fun, light-hearted and profound so you can get the peace of mind you really need – right now. Whenever you feel bothered and annoyed, fearful, insecure, angry or frustrated, it is probably from on of these:

•Daily Hassles – traffic jams, lost keys, bills to pay, unruly children
•Workplace – office politics, lack of respect, unemployment, helplessness
•Environmental – noise, pollution, harsh lighting, crowds
•Life Changes – college, marriage, divorce, aging, emergencies, grieving
•General Anxiety – holidays, peer pressure, addictions, feeling inadequate

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Designed for easy reading and fast relief, Past Tense gives you 365 engaging “page-a-day” stories to put your stress to rest. Each one brings you a healthy does of feeling better every day of the year. Sprinkled with inspiring quotes, thoughtful sayings and profound wisdom from the world’s great philosophers, modern thinkers, and major religions, Past Tense give soothing, down-to-earth advice for people of all ages. Use it to get “past tense” right away – and stay that way for life!

Work Stress. Management Stress. Money Stress. Life Stress!
They’re All Part of Everyday Life, BUT…

There are practical solutions and secrets that you can start using right away:

Fundamental understanding and management of stress is within your grasp.

With its 365 engaging, “page-a-day” stories, Past Tense offers a healthy dose of stress relief for every day of the year. The book covers every stress-generating scenario imaginable while teaching: the full impact of stress on your life; how to react to any crisis with composure; ways to read the warning signs of stress burnout; and tips on becoming a master of new behavioral patterns that help you live a highly stress-reduced life.

Past Tense is guaranteed to provide guidelines for creative problem solving while giving you positive-habit-forming techniques for tackling difficult situations. In its alternately fun, light-hearted, yet profound pages, you’ll discover ways to reduce harmful stress and increase productivity across the spectrum in areas including:

• Daily challenges (traffic, lost keys, workplace woes)
• Workplace pressures (office politics, lack of control, job loss)
• Environmental stressors (noise, pollution, harsh lighting, crowds)
• Life changes (college, marriage, divorce, aging, grieving)
• Stresses related to family, holidays, peer pressure, addiction, and much more

Sprinkled with quotes, sayings, and profound wisdom from ancient philosophers, modern thinkers, and the world’s major religions, Past Tense offers down-to-earth, common sense advice that speaks powerfully to readers of all ages and cultures. Use this lively stress-handling encyclopedia to get “past tense” and stay that way – for life!


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