A Conversation with Dr. Wilfred Aguila, author of ‘Why I Don’t Lose Weight’

Struggling for almost a decade with his own weight problem, Dr. Aguila gained a personal understanding about the process of obesity. He remembers his battle with binge eating and the lessons he learned that allowed him to finally break the cycle of overeating. He shares with his patients these lessons so that they may break their own Cycles.

Dr. A is an author, radio show host, and national obesity expert. He has appeared on numerous morning TV shows and as a regular expert segment on Telemundo. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post as well as other publications. Through his weekly syndicated radio show (The Dr. A Show) and his motivational speaking engagements, Dr. A touches the lives of those suffering with serious weight problems and empowers them with the knowledge that they need to win their struggle.

Q: Thank you for this interview, Dr. A.  Can you tell us what your latest book, Why I Don’t Lose Weight, is all about?

Why i don't lose weightA:  My book was born out of the desire to share with others what I learned with my own weight loss battle. After years of trying to lose weight only to gain it back, I realized that there was more to it than just consuming less calories and increasing my exercise. I learned that there were common root causes leading to the triggers that made me eat for comfort. These observations were confirmed time and again in my own practice helping hundreds of patients lose their weight. Learning about these root causes and affecting the triggers is the focus of my book.

Q: How did you come up with the idea?

A: I was a binge eater for many years. I used to eat large quantities of fatty and greasy foods while hiding from family and friends; later I would wrestle with the guilt that followed. I learned how to break this cycle so I wanted to share it with others.

Q: What kind of research did you do before and during the writing of your book?

A: I pulled my observations from many years of helping patients in my practice to lose weight. I carefully analyzed the common trends in my patients and came up with conclusions that fit the behaviors. I also completed a study of over one hundred patients that helped shed new information on how we think about weight loss.

Q: If a reader can come away from reading your book with one valuable message, what would that be?

A: You can win the battle with your weight. You can learn to get at the root causes that make you eat for comfort and break the cycle that makes you gain the weight back.

Q: Can you give us a short excerpt?

A:  In losing weight, and keeping it off, we need to treat the triggers. But more importantly, we need to treat the root causes. It is just like trying to pull an undesirable weed in your garden. If you just pull the weed, and you don’t remove the roots… it will grow back. If you pull it from the roots, it will be gone for good. The same applies to your root causes, which are the true underlying instigators of why you overeat. You must set an action plan to deal with these for good.

Understanding the Seven Root Causes

So how do you fix the root causes? First, identify which ones apply to you. Even though this may seem complicated, it really isn’t. There are about seven root causes I have commonly seen in helping hundreds of people overcome their weight problems.

They include:

Lack of self-confidence

Being all things to all people


Fear of Failure

Toxic relationships

Job dissatisfaction

Sexual, physical, mental abuse

Usually there is only one or sometimes two that apply at one time, but many of these root causes overlap each other. I have listed some of the most common characteristics of each so you can discover which ones apply to you.

Q: In your own experience, is it hard to get a nonfiction book published today?  How did you do it?

A: It is a challenge and I self-published because I felt strongly that the message in this book will change lives.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: I see patients in the office most days to help them with their weight loss. In the evenings I like to spend time with my great kids and my wife, who is my soulmate.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I am writing a book that complements the ideas in Why I Don’t Lose Weight. The new book is bout achieving success in all aspects of your life whether it be weight loss, love, or in business.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview, Dr.A.  We wish you much success!

A: Thank You.


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