Interview with Michael An’gileo, author of The Bluelite Message





Michael An’gileo feels uniquely blessed to share a message of love received after the unexpected death of his own father. Visited by a blue, sparkling light since early childhood, he later realized this is the Universal guiding light residing in every human being: it only needed to be awakened. The Bluelite Message was published, and today its universal message of infinite love is opening human hearts around the world. Michael An’gileo was born in Kenmore, New York, graduated from USC, and is widely regarded as a preeminent visionary and story-teller about a coming Golden Age for our planet.

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1.  What inspired you to write your first book?

The intimacy of telling a story through book-writing is extremely special. I come from a screenwriting and filmmaking background, but, honestly, the immediacy of contacting an audience is lacking in that world. So when The Bluelite Message took shape in my heart, it was an easy call to realize it as a book.

2.  What books have influenced your life the most?

Whenever I’m asked this question I always cite F. Scott Fitzgerald, even though his subject matter, era and milieu are so radically different than mine. But The Great Gatsby made me want to be an author. Fitzgerald, somewhat like me, is a sensory author, not really a wordsmith. I love F. Scott.

3.  What are your current projects?

The Bluelite Message is the center of my life these days. The book was published in August 2012, and will be followed by two other books to complete the trilogy of Keith Dartman and the Women of Planet Bluelite. The Bluelite Message is such a global message, my function as its human spokesperson and promoter are mammoth.

4.  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 

Surprisingly, no. Every author second-guesses their work to an extent. On every page you’re making hundreds of creative choices. But I’m fortunate in knowing when I’m telling my story correctly. The Bluelite Message is very much the story I wanted to tell.

5.   What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

The Bluelite Message is not a conventional novel. It’s a message clothed in a fictional story. So, rather expectedly, there are readers who question this break from the norm. They’re looking for strawberry ice cream, but I’m serving up mint sorbet. Though, overwhelmingly, the response to The Bluelite Message has been tremendously positive. 

6.   What has been the best compliment? 

I’m slightly embarrassed to say, but a reviewer on Goodreads yesterday called it… “one of, if not the, best books” she’d ever read. It left me speechless. These are the words every author lives to hear. No words can describe the joy it brings to touch someone’s life that powerfully.

7.   Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Be prepared to work long hours — alone. Not easy. Many people are capable of writing an acceptable 1st draft for 60, maybe even 100, pages. But to finish a book, to spend weeks and weeks editing, takes a true warrior. And writing a book changes a person profoundly. So be prepared to uncover hidden parts of yourself.

8.   What is your favorite quality about yourself?

My ability to bounce back from defeat. I always have. Time and time again.

9.   What is your least favorite quality about yourself?

I often forget yesterday’s life lessons. I expect a lot from myself, and marvel over how I forget what I already know. Fortunately, I’m developing a sense of humor about this.

10.  Is there anything else you would like to share? 

The Bluelite Message was written after the death of my father. The Universe shifted for me, and his passage allowed my passage as well. The book is a true life-changer, a hole in space. I know it will affect your life deeply. Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed it.


This message in a bottle is crossing oceans and touching human hearts. The Bluelite Message has been called a text message from Heaven. The messenger is Keith Dartman and the message is the power of one, the glory of persistence – over unthinkable loss. Written by Michael An’gileo after the death of his own father, the “blue book,” as it’s often called, is finding its way into the hearts of many. Keith Dartman is the reluctant messenger who overcomes the loss of one so dear, to deliver what eludes us all. The healing grace and power beyond our own desperation. Part message, part magic, part miracle, the sparkling message reaches a remote island and the lives of 12 women who wear the blue light upon their eyes. Together they dance the Magic Dance, and we discover more than a book of blue. Indigo is the color of the human soul, and these 13 float the hidden mysteries of Atlantis into our modern-day hearts. This blue book is the book of our lives, for each of us who knows the true bottle is the human heart itself, and a message in a moment of tireless searching can never be ignored.

Posted on, November 17, 2012 (by Gemma)

“An excellent book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read it in one sitting; having reached the end of page 2, I was totally hooked so I had no choice but to finish. One of, if not the, best books I’ve ever read.”

Posted on, October 23, 2012 (by Paddy)

“Brilliant… Would like to see 6 or 7 thousand sequels though, or similar works from this innovative, extremely eloquent wordsmith.”


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