Why I Started Self-Publishing Company Mindstir Media

Why I Started Self-publishing Company MindStir Media

by J.J. Hebert

I founded MindStir Media in January 2009. Later that year, in July, I used the imprint to self-publish Unconventional, my debut inspirational novel centered on janitor-turned-author James Frost. The paperback became an Amazon.com best-seller in three categories, with an overall sales rank of 857 out of over 10 million books available at Amazon. Thereafter, the Kindle edition peaked at #102 in the Kindle Store, becoming #1 in several categories. It’s actually been the #1 inspirational book for Kindle numerous times. Unconventional has sold thousands of units to date.

After seeing the success of Unconventional, and hearing from many aspiring authors, I decided to open MindStir’s doors to the public. I had heard many horror stories about other self-publishing companies and their author-unfriendliness; therefore, my main goal was (and is) to provide authors with unique and author-friendly publishing options. MindStir specializes in paperback, eBook, and downloadable unabridged audiobook formats (usually a forgotten format in the self-publishing world). Distribution is taken care of for the author. “Mind-stirringly,” I deal with most of my authors as a self-publishing mentor, offering all sorts of book marketing tips and more. MindStir also offers higher royalty rates than most of the leading self-publishing companies. I understand many authors have a small budget, so my company even has an option available to publish a book for $199. No matter which publishing option an author chooses, the author deals with one highly responsive representative and is never tossed around from one rep to another. All customer service is handled in-house and is never outsourced. MindStir’s contracts are also non-exclusive, which means that authors retain all rights to their work. Many authors have found all of this author-friendliness quite refreshing!

For serious authors with larger budgets, MindStir provides publishing packages which include professional editorial services, custom book design (front, back, and interior), and much more. Also available is children’s book publishing, MindStir’s only full-color (interior) offering. This is one of the company’s most popular publishing options…

If you’re an author looking for a self-publishing company with a personal touch, I’m confident that MindStir Media is a perfect fit for you!

J. J. Hebert is a writer. Surprising, huh? He has written fifty-two novels, including the immensely successful, award-winning Willard’s Heart. J. J.’s also an archaeologist, and he recently unearthed an ancient religious scroll in Jerusalem that, in time, will prove absolutely nothing about anything important. He presently resides in Yemen, where he enjoys being the richest man in the land.

Of course, the aforementioned isn’t true (except for the “J. J. Hebert is a writer” part), but you found it entertaining, right? Perhaps just a little funny?

Honestly: J. J. Hebert’s debut novel, Unconventional (paperback), became an Amazon.com best-seller in three categories on July 19, 2009. The Kindle version has been the #1 Inspirational Book in the Kindle Store numerous times. J.J. is also the founder of MindStir Media, which helps authors successfully self-publish and distribute books worldwide. Currently, he lives alone in New England, home to some of the greatest sports teams in the world (for now), where he’s at work on his latest novel, Saving Dad, and a children’s book, Weepy the Dragon.

Visit J.J.’s website at  www.jjhebert.net or his blog at www.jjhebertblog.com. Connect with him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/authorjjhebert or Facebook at www.facebook.com/authorjjhebert.

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