Think and Grow Beyond Your Book

Think and Grow Beyond Your Book

By Hayley Rose

Your book is your primary product, but there are other products and services you can create and monetize.  It’s the difference between building a brand and just building a small business.

After I wrote my first book, Fifo, “When I Grow Up”, I knew there was more I could do with Fifo than just sell the book.  There were secondary products that I could create and sell that would not only help to build the Fifo brand, but enhance the experience kids had with my book.

One of the first things I did was to bring Fifo to life visually.  I found a toy manufacturer that could make Fifo into a stuffed animal and one that resembled the illustrations found in my book.  I sold the stuffed animals in addition to my books.

Following the creation of the Fifo toy, I had other items made that I sold to my customers, such as shirts, mugs, journals and calendars.  I even had tattoos and postcards made that I handed out to the kids for free at my book signings.  All of the ancillary items helped to build a stronger experience for the kids who read my book.

I also marketed services to elementary schools that would pay me a fee to come teach their students about book publishing.  This allowed me to directly expose my book and products to my targeted audience and generate sales.

There’s a lot you can do to sell your book that goes beyond just selling your book.  There are products and services you can creatively provide to your target market that will not only generate sales for your book, but can bring in additional revenue.  Successful authors do it all the time.  They don’t just sell their book; they monetize their brand.

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Hayley Rose grew up in the beach side town of Pacific Palisades, California, to a family of visual artists. In the early 90’s she traveled the U.S. with her band Crush Violet. In 1994, after a family reunion, she was inspired to write a children’s book.  Her first book, Fifo “When I Grow Up” was published in 2002.  Fifo “50 States” is the second book in the Fifo series. Along with writing children’s books, Hayley has been working in entertainment business management for the past 15 years specializing in concert touring.  She has worked with many “A list” musicians including, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Candlebox, and hopes to one day soon release an album of children’s songs.  She is a currently member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and resides in Los Angeles, CA.  You can read more at or join the Facebook fan page at

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