I See Dead People


by Susan Kronick

Throughout my entire life I have seen spirits of the dead.   Walking with ghosts has proved to be both a wonderful gift as well as a curse, because you are vulnerable to those entities that do not seek God’s blessing.

As a young child, I assumed, co-mingling with ghosts of the dearly departed was a natural phenomenon.  You can imagine my great surprise in discovering most people are oblivious to the many spirits among us.

Many of the ghosts I randomly encounter on a regular basis may hang around for a variety of reasons.   Often they are protecting their loved ones still among the living.  Perhaps the ghost must attend to some unfinished business before they can cross over, or they may not realize they are dead. I try to assist them if I can, but I don’t always get the chance to hear their story. One recent example comes to mind. As a psychology professor, I was totally absorbed, in my lecture, rambling on about Freud’s theory of the unconscious mind.  All of a sudden I look up from my notes to “see” two teen aged ghosts, a boy, and a girl, walk through the wall into my classroom.  It was extremely difficult to resist “speaking” with them at that time, however, practicality won, having no desire, my students to think their professor was delusional!

Driving recently through Delray Beach, Florida, my husband and I passed by the historic Colony Hotel built in 1926. Admiring the amazing architecture, I found myself locking eyes with the ghost of a 1940’s era woman, looking out from a corner window on the very top floor.

Being sensitive to spirits also includes encounters with not so friendly spirits.  These negative entities can be nasty or confused earth bound spirits, who never crossed into the light to join God.  You don’t become   a saint, by virtue of death.   If you were an SOB in life, there is a good chance you are going to continue to be one in the afterlife.  Sometimes the spirits want more time on earth as a living person.  But other times the entities can be much more maniacal.  That would include threats by demonic entities that never walked the earth in human form.  Scary stuff…

I have always considered my supernatural ability to walk between the worlds of the living and the dead  to be a gift from God to be used wisely.

Susan Kronick’s background is the perfect backdrop leading up to her latest paranormal novel, Sarah, They’re Coming for You.  She has a Master of Science in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and a Ph.D. in Paranormal Studies/Psychology from Union Institute and Graduate School, as well as being an adjunct psychology professor at Barry University and Palm Beach State College.  A psychic and a medium, she has the gift of seeing the dead since she was a child.  She also has taught parapsychology classes through the Palm Beach County School Board, as well as at Palm Beach State College.  Susan has extensive experience in the area of investigations of haunting and the paranormal.  She lives with her husband and her four spoiled rescue dogs in south Florida.  You can visit her website at www.susankronick.webs.com. “Like” her page at Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/susan-kronick/156870670886.

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