Promoting Your Book Via Your Website and Social Media

Hayley Rose grew up in the beach side town of Pacific Palisades , California, to a family of visual artists.  In the early 1990’s she traveled the U.S. with her band Crush Violet.  In 1994, after a family reunion, she was inspired to write a children’s book.  Looking for a cute and catchy name for a main character, she kept hearing “first in, first out”.  Hence, the name Fifo was born.  Hayley’s mother would often ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up, so Hayley decided to start her series of “Fifo” books with that very question.  Her first book, Fifo “When I Grow Up” was published in 2002.  Her love of travel inspired her second book in the Fifo series, Fifo “50 States”, published in 2010.

Along with writing children’s books, Hayley has been working in entertainment business management for the past 15 years, specializing in concert touring.  She has worked with many “A list” musicians including Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Candlebox just to name a few.  Hayley hopes to one day soon release an album of children’s songs.  She is a currently member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and resides in Los Angeles, CA.

You can visit her website at

Promoting Your Book Via Your Website and Social Media

by Hayley Rose

When I wrote my first Fifo the Bear book, Fifo,” When I Grow Up”, I figured the first step I needed to take to market my book online was to build a website. I had plenty of ideas as to what I wanted it to look like, but I never imagined the true significance of a website as a marketing medium.

Back in 2002 when my first book was released, social media was far from what it is today. Having a website meant you were on the cutting edge of technology and an added piece to your main focus – offline marketing campaigns. Today, things are different and having an online component to marketing your book is vital.

The Value of Your Website

For some authors a website is simply an ancillary tool used to direct people to, just in case they don’t buy your book offline and are still in the decision-making phase. It’s akin to handing someone your business card and hoping they don’t put it in the big heap of other business cards. For other authors, their website is the prime focus of their online efforts and is something used to drive customers to and increase sales. It’s their brick and mortar, just without the physical bricks and mortar. What you do with your website and how you market it is up to you, but don’t underestimate the power it brings.

Make Your Website Engaging

If you use your website to promote your book, it’s important that you design it so that it’s engaging. You want people to stay on your site long enough to read all of the enticing information you provide so that they are compelled to buy your book. Offer your visitors polls, encourage discussions about your book, write engaging blog posts or create a contest. Provide your visitors with an option to subscribe to your website or newsletter so that they can read about any updates and be sure to remain consistent with your communications.

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Fortunately, the rise in new technology has changed user communication and information-gathering habits allowing people to easily adopt and adapt to it. Published authors, especially those new to the industry, are given cost effective and efficient avenues by which to reach readers in ways they couldn’t have done before. A local author no longer has to remain local; he or she can branch out to markets all across the globe. Social media is simply a way to connect with customers. They are avenues by which you drive traffic to your website where customers are encouraged and able to buy your book.

When you understand the value of your website as a marketing tool and the use of social media as an avenue to drive those customers to your website, you will be able to creatively attract more potential customers. And don’t be afraid to take risks and test out new ideas. You never know which one will be the golden ticket.

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