Guest Blogger: Through the Ages We Traipse by Nicholas Oliva

Nick Oliva 2Nicholas Oliva (O-lee-va’) has been a musician, writer, poet, photographer, an audio engineer, an Entertainment and Technical Director for over twenty-five years.

His first book, Only Moments, was published in 2007, which was a novel that followed the lifetime journey of the professional musical career of a husband and wife team to the year 2020.

His latest book is Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe, now available at as well as Barnes and Noble and will be available in the Kindle Store soon. To visit the website go to Mr. Oliva’s other Websites are OnlyMoments and for his first book Only Moments by Nick Oliva. You can find him on Facebook as well on either the book page Facebook | Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe or his home page

Oliva lives in the quiet mountains of Nevada.

About Finding God: To Believe or Not to Believe

Finding GodDo you believe in God, life after death, or nothingness? Do you know the origins of the Bible’s New Testament? This book explores the world of science, religion, and atheism and integrates them into the aspects of Twentieth and Twenty-first Century physics. It ponders life and death experiences and includes the author’s own near death experience. Posing many questions about the realm of our existence, it stresses the importance of promoting humanity without exclusionary elements of human prejudice. These and many other contemporary issues are combined with the latest scientific and philosophic theories in the search for real truth of subjects that have brought down entire empires in bloodlust, and have each of us pondering the eternal “Why?” We are in the second century since the collision of science and religion. One is based in empirical evidence; the other is based on thousands of years of pure faith. Hang on as your perfectly ordered world is shaken and stirred – if you have an open mind to believe what is real and allow for possibilities of the yet unknown.


By Nicholas Oliva

Every once in a while a thought dominoes down a logical path out of nowhere, well obviously from somewhere but I’m not cognizant of exactly where that is. Some neural spark strikes like lightning uninhibited to connect some past long- filed away experiences to create new etchings on the old gray mare matter (she ain’t what she used to be) constantly computing in my cranium. I’ve come to the conclusion that the lengthening of life in the last 100 years or so has had a ying and yang effect that few can even fathom. There’s always tomorrow when youth abounds. When middle age stretches from late thirties to the forties, we conveniently make the fifties and sixties become the new middle age. The fact is that we as a species are in an era of humankind that has the distinct ability for most to be alive beyond the years that we have been living for most of our existence on this planet. The average age of most people merely hundreds of years ago ranged from 45 to 60. Before that in the 1st Century AD one would be very lucky to make it past 40 to 50 years old. This actually seems to me to be a double-edged sword, no pun intended. Now that we, as the silly little beings that we can be, expect long life there’s no urgency to live each day as if it could be the last. We can put off confrontations and retreat to our little Pandora’s Box of security as “the sun will come up tomorrow.” Well Virginia, that just ain’t so sometimes. To expect, is to lose humility. To avoid, is to take the pain ten times worse at a future date.

We now have many more years than our ancestors so we don’t realize the treasures of human relationships and take liberties with gossip and the ensuing damage that such petty nonsense causes. It is the always easier to point fingers than it is to be tolerant of other’s faults and act as though we are “holier than thou” to the point of losing family, friends, and future relationships. Well people guess what? We are all human, therefore we are all have screws loose and I mean big time. Maybe if you had less time to gossip and put down others you could understand that life is short and you are being foolish convincing yourself that your way is the only way to think and act and that you are perfect, or that your path is the only path that leads to your present “perfection” and all others should suffer and/or die because of your ignorance of all that surrounds you.

If you only lived to be 30 years-old you wouldn’t have time for that meaningless and hurtful nonsense would you? The longer I live the more knives I pull from my back from all sorts of prejudicial people that pontificate and judge from their high throne. I cannot change the minds of those who are so blind that they refuse to see. I used to try to my own detriment, as I’ve seem to always find out later. Not all the time however, there are those on the same wavelength that I cherish. There are those that can allow others to be themselves and not judge, but I no longer try to understand the hatefulness of those who act like children. I tolerate and I avoid fighting hate and that is no longer my nature. I have always been outspoken against the likes of intolerance, bigotry, and hatefulness even though I have fallen and failed as every human being has. The difference is I can admit and leave the grudges of those who have trespassed against me behind. Forgiveness. Impossible  for most but those near to the end of their existence. It’s a pity and a waste of precious time. I can only speak of my experience which at this moment is now published. Finding God: To Believe or Not to Believe . At least I lived long enough to gain the wisdom of acceptance. Don’t wait, time is a thief without mercy.

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