Interview with Doug and Jackie Christie, Authors of “Luv-Pons”

About Doug and Jackie Christie

Douglas Christie, a native of Seattle, WA, found a zest for athletics at a very young age. While at Rainier Beach High School, Christie became a standout athlete. He led the Vikings to their first State basketball championship in 1988 and earned the title, Player of the Year for Washington State. That very same year Doug participated in track and field, winning the state crown for the high jump, clearing a full 7ft. He went on to attend Pepperdine University, in Malibu, CA, leading the Waves to consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. During the three seasons Christie played for Pepperdine Head Coach Tom Asbury, the Waves were 63-27, winning two WCC regular-season titles and conference tournament championships.
And in the fall of 1992 Doug Met the love of his life Jackie, and they Married in 1996 and soon after the two became the most talked about professional sports couple in history for their love and devotion to not just each other but to their marriage and the strong foundation they base their relationship on.
Doug and Jackie Christie, have been on Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, and in People Magazine, Just to name a few! and are the co-authors of the wildly popular book, No Ordinary Love: A True Story of Marriage and Basketball!
Now the NBA’S most talked about couple are back! in 2010 with their new book titled LUV-PONS! a fun variety Love & Romance Guide For Couples!
Jackie Christie, a native of Seattle WA, is an accomplished model, actress, fashion designer, Best selling author of three books, and heads the successful record label, Jean Rah Fya records. home to some of the hottest talent in the business. The label’s roster includes new teen sensation Chani as well as R&B heart throb Bobby Tinsley, and the dynamic teen singing group Small Change, to name a few. As well as her Fashion house Jackie Christie Inc.
Jackie having realized her passion for fashion at an early age would put on fashion shows with her siblings and make suits out of linens, A talented designer, Jackie’s natural beauty would soon take her into the world of modeling also at an early age, and her signature runway walk would gain her standing ovations when ever she dawned the catwalk.

After enjoying a successful career in modeling Jackie found her true mission in life is helping and mentoring others, with a kind heart and a desire to uplift and inspire others, lead Jackie and her husband of 15 years NBA star Doug Christie to start their infinite love foundation with a strong mission to help, unite, and inspire all people.

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Q: Thank you for this interview, Doug & Jackie. Can you tell us what your latest book,  Luv-Pons A fun Variety love and romance guide for couples, is all about?


LUV-PONS is for all couples wanting to regain the intimacy they once shared in their relationship or marriage, LUV-PONS has something to offer everyone! we share recipes, love stories, poetry, games couples can play with each other, we also share great tips and ideas, couples can enjoy as well as there are over 40 pages of LUV-PONS ( coupons) in the back of the book to enjoy giving to your mate!

Q: Is this your first novel? If not, how has writing this novel different from writing your first?

A:The first time we wrote a book together we had a co writer that worked on it with us but this time it was just the two of us and we really enjoyed watching it unfold.

Q: How difficult was it writing your book? Did you ever experience writer’s block and, if so, what did you do?

A: No it was a lot of fun and a really romantic and sexy adventure we shared together while writing Luv-Pons.

Q: How have your fans embraced your latest novel? Do you have any funny or unusual experiences to share?

A: Yes they really love our new book LUV-PONS! a fun variety love and romance guide for couples the other day while out on a speaking engagement about our book we met a really cool couple that said they had read our first book and took a lot of the advice that they learned about in the book( No Ordinary love’ a true story of marriage and basketball) and now with this new book they said they can’t wait to take all the advice and suggestions again only this time they will get to give each other gifts by sharing the luv- pons ( love coupons).

Q: What is your daily writing routine?

A: Our daily writing routine is for us to write all day long in spurts because we have found that works best for us so anytime we have a thought or want to share something with our readers we write it down and that happens throughout the day.

Q: When you put the pen or mouse down, what do you do to relax?

A: We watch great romantic comedy or action movies and read a nice book over a hot cup of green tea or we spend quality time with each other.

Q: What book changed your life?

A: we would have to say that our 1st book No Ordinary Love A true story of marriage and basketball changed our life because it opened the publics eyes about us in a new and exciting way and they began to really understand who we are as not just a married celebrity couple but as individuals as well, and they really have been wonderfully supportive ever since.

Q: If someone were to write a book on your life, what would the title be?

A: The Book would be called: Modern day romeo and juliette

Q: Finish this sentence: “The one thing that I wish people would understand about me is…”

A: That we are truly committed to each other and our marriage and we re marry every single year as a family tradition that begun in 1996 and has continued and now we have people like Heidi Klum and seal re marrying every year as well as Mariah Carry and nick cannon also remarrying each year, so we want people to understand about us that we are living true infinite love and it is to be celebrated, often:)

Thank you for this interview Doug & Jackie. I wish you much success on your latest release,Luv-Pons!!

About Luv-Pons
You’ ve seen Doug and Jackie Christie, on Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, Just to name a few! Now, The most talked about couple in sports history and the co-authors of the wildly popular book, No Ordinary Love: A True Story of Marriage and Basketball, are back! Their new, much anticipated book, Luv-Pons is a fun, variety, love and romance guide for couples. Desire, passion and intimacy are all a part of successful relationships, and With family, careers, and the franticness of the twenty-first century, all a huge part of our everyday lives, how do we find time for each other? we’re often asked, states Jackie Christie’ “LUV- PONS”, and we share all of our success with all of you, and show you how Luv-Pons are truly the answer! In this fun, little, variety guide they show you how to keep the fire burning in your own relationship with easy, innovative, ideas and sure fire solutions!


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