Holiday Memories: The Night Santa Tiptoed by Juanita Salazar Lamb

Holiday Memories is a month long series of heartwarming holiday stories from authors all over the world.  We at As the Pages Turn hope you will enjoy and have a happy holiday full of good and happy memories!

The Night Santa Tiptoed
by Juanita Salazar Lamb

I was seven years old and it was the last Christmas I would believe in Santa for many years to come.  We were living in “La Colonia”, the projects in Oxnard, California. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and rolling over in bed, causing the rusted iron frame of my cot to squeak and screech as I tried to find a comfortable spot on the sagging mattress.  I heard the tip-toeing of footsteps across bare linoleum from the living room to the bottom of the staircase, where they stopped for a minute, then retreated.  I could see the glow of a light from downstairs, and knew with all my heart that Santa was busy laying out our Christmas presents.  I jiggled around in bed to make it squeak again, testing my theory of who the footsteps belonged to. Sure enough, once again I heard the tiptoeing  come to the bottom of the stairs, where they stopped then retreated.  I wanted so much to go down and see Santa, but I also knew he would disappear if I saw his face. And what if he hadn’t laid out my presents yet?  We didn’t have a chimney and I figured he wouldn’t want to get caught up in the power lines that rang along the roof tops, so I just knew Santa had parked his sleigh in the little patch of backyard next to the clothesline, but not too close to the garbage can. The bedroom I shared with my sister faced the front, and my brothers’ bedroom looked out over the backyard.  How I wanted to go into their room and see Santa’s sleigh, but just that afternoon my brothers had threatened me with my life if I EVER went into their room again.   What a dilemma: get to see Santa’s sleigh but not live to open presents; or never see his sleigh but get to enjoy Christmas morning?  Before I could make a decision I fell back asleep, dreaming of what Santa would leave for me under the tree.

Juanita Salazar Lamb is a member of the Latino Writers Collective who once again believes in Santa. Her most recent stories are included in the anthology “Cuentos del Centro: Stories from the Latino Heartland”. She is currently working on a novel.

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One response to “Holiday Memories: The Night Santa Tiptoed by Juanita Salazar Lamb

  1. Thank you for this lovely story Juanita. Thank you Dorothy for allowing these heartwarming tales to be our Christmas gift.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

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