Christmas Memories: He Touched My Hand by Leticia Pontoni

Holiday Memories is a month long series of heartwarming holiday stories from authors all over the world.  We at As the Pages Turn hope you will enjoy and have a happy holiday full of good and happy memories!

He Touched My Hand
by Leticia Pontoni

One night, just before my 20th Christmas, I felt a soft touch on my hand when I closed my window. I knew that it was him, that the spirit of my father was there, near me, protecting me. My mother and I were alone in that enormous house.

Yes, I thought he was there that unforgettable night of Christmas.

In addition, that Christmas-night was nice. We spent good moments with our relatives. We ate yummy meals, we song nice celebrating songs. We spent good times with hugs, kisses for our aunts and cousins. In addition, we opened wrapped gifts.

Moreover, after Midnight had passed.  That night I recalled my father with my heart and my mind all the night. I don’t know why.

I missed him since his death…all my life. When someone dies rest of people thinks that maybe, we don’t have time to say good-bye. When I was a little child, I didn’t know that death existed. I thought that nobody would ever die. It was too difficult for me to understand the idea that one day I would never see anybody again.

Nevertheless, one day all people take that trip to other side. I was only 10 years old that day that I lost you.

The pain crashed into me, and broke my heart. Yet, there’s still that little girl in me will never forget the chocolate ice-cream you made just for me.

I never will forget your visit in that special Christmas night.

I was born in Argentina. I put my heart when I write and imagine. I write for children and for adults too. If you like to visit my blog, go to a bilingual blog. In addition, my email address is


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2 responses to “Christmas Memories: He Touched My Hand by Leticia Pontoni

  1. Felicitaciones!!!! Un beso. Magda

  2. that is so beautiful. I felt the love you felt reading your words. Thank you so much Leticia.

    and Thank you Dorothy for having such a wonderful gift of stories for Christmas for everyone.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

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