Book Excerpt: Evolution of a Sad Woman by Gale Laure

Evolution of a Sad WomanThe Saturday Night Murder -1996

Kizzy lies nude on her bed as she listens to the music. Briefly, her mind reviews the upsetting visitors of this day. She has tried her best to phone him. He never answered. Quickly, she erases the thoughts from her mind. She tries to relax her twitching body. The music is soft, soothing, the kind that would make you want to sleep. Yet, she cannot unwind enough to sleep. She is significantly nervous. The least small sound makes her jump.

Outside, she hears the clicking of light hot humid rain, not the soothing kind that cools the earth, as it beats upon the window glass. An occasional crack of lightning typical for a summer in Houston, Texas, startles her, jolting her nerves even more.

The pills will take effect at any time. She looks slowly around the room. As she takes the last sip of wine from the glass and rolls it around inside her mouth, she savors the taste, in retrospect to her first glass of wine . . . .

All these years later, she loves the pungent taste. She collects the clock from the floor and places it on the bedside table. The clock says ten forty-five p.m. While sighing, Kizzy welcomes the feeling of rest as it overwhelms her body. Filled with lightheadedness, nausea and weakness, she knows the pills are the reason for these feelings. Maybe she should not have taken so many. Yet she knows she needs the pills. She wants to fall sound asleep. She lies in the bed, barely able to see the ceiling from the dim lamplight beside her bed. Briefly, she observes the empty wine glass sitting on the bedside table, tasting the wine as she runs her tongue around the inside cheeks of her mouth. How she loves the pungent taste of wine.

When she lies on her back, tears run from her eyes, down to her ears and into the back of her hair. Yet she is not crying. She will not sob. Therefore, from where are these tears coming? Her nose is stuffy from the increased mucous caused by the tears. She tries to breathe through her nose, which is not possible. Gently, she parts her full lips to breathe and sucks in the air. She is not sad because she is finally in control.

Kizzy jumps as the CD player in the living room clicks off indicating the music is over. Only the sound of the rain pervades the air. As she looks around the room again, she listens to hear the silence. She is waiting for the pills to take effect, hoping they will establish unconsciousness. The pills are taking forever. Maybe the hot bubble bath will help. In the bathroom, she has the tub drawn and ready. Barely, she can sniff the vanilla candle as it perfumes the bathroom, the wonderful soothing smell overflowing into the bedroom through the open bathroom door. Briefly, the smell reminds her of a bowl of vanilla ice cream. She tries to take a deep breath of the scent, but cannot.

Suddenly, she hears the rattle of a doorknob turning, coming from the living room. Someone has entered her apartment through the locked door. As she musters the energy she has left, she stands beside the bed with terror filling her very being. Her legs are shaking. As she staggers and sways, she stiffens her legs, standing still. Her vision is becoming blurry. With overwhelming weakness, her paramount instinct is to call for help. Except for the intruder, she knows she is in the apartment alone. She wants to scream and talk this intruder out of doing this. Maybe she could stop this from happening. She tries, but she does not have the strength to call out. Her body is limp from the pills. Trepidation pervades her rapidly beating heart. Her heart flutters, making her even more lightheaded and dizzy. She tries to walk, to run, to move—something! She is frozen and cannot move. The telephone is in the living room. Kizzy has
always meant to have an extension phone installed in the bedroom. Whom would she call? Why is she thinking about this now? She cannot run to the phone in the living room. The intruder is in the living room. The pills have made her too weak. Besides, she knows the intruder will stop her before she can get to the telephone. She knows this intruder has come to kill her. She tries to speak, hoping to plead to stop this, but cannot utter a word. She looks toward the open bedroom door, her heart throbbing with the anticipation of the intruder’s entrance.

She can barely see him as he enters. She is afraid, really deep down afraid. Death has not seemed frightening, earlier, but now the actuality of death is terrifying to her. She tries to speak and cannot. She cannot form the words on her lips or in her throat. Clenched tightly shut, she cannot separate her teeth. The pills have left her defenseless. He towers over her. Kizzy’s green, emerald eyes stare upward, deeply, into his large, dark eyes. His eyes are cold, vacant. For a moment there is another sound. Kizzy moves her eyes focusing to look slightly around him. Behind him stands a woman. With her blurred vision, Kizzy cannot identify her. She does not seem familiar. Kizzy looks back in his eyes, trying to communicate with him through her eyes. He does not try to understand. Horror fills her eyes. He stares stolidly, looming over her, looking down in her eyes. She wants to run, but she knows she has nowhere to

While he grabs her with one mighty arm, clenching her arm tightly beneath his large, gloved hand, he leans close to her, whispering, “I’m sorry.” In his large dark eyes, she can see the dread. With a deep grunt, he plunges the knife, with all his mighty force, deeply into her upper abdomen.

Desperately, Kizzy’s shaking hand clutches onto his gloved hand. Beneath their two hands, the knife pushes deeply into her flesh. She can feel the blade against her rib bone. By pushing toward him on his hand with her hand, she tries to inhibit the knife from plunging deeper. However, she is too weak to fight, and he is too strong for her to overcome. Beneath her hand, she can feel the handle of the knife under his hand. The pain is sharp, tearing, burning. Too late to stop death, a painful frown covers her face. She whimpers softly, but she cannot cry out or even speak. With tightly clenched teeth, she breathes rapidly from the desolation, sucking the air through her parted lips. Electricity from her silent suffering permeates the air, charging it with her pain. Looking deeper in her eyes, he twists the knife inside her, tearing and ripping her insides. The sharp pain travels straight through into her back. The misery intensifies, spreading throughout her back from her neck to her buttocks.

At first, she leans against him, using him to support her as she stands beside the bed. Her legs feel weaker. He stands against her strongly, not objecting, supporting her weight. Then, she collapses back upon the bed, lying on her back. She can barely see him in the dim lamplight. He stands over her holding the knife in his hand. Kizzy’s blood exudes from the knife onto the floor. Kizzy can feel the blood draining from her body. She can feel herself lying in her own blood. Through her stuffed nose, she can smell the strange freshness of her own blood. She feels colder.

Her eyes can barely see the ceiling above her bed through her truly blurred sight. She can feel the tears once again run from her eyes onto her cheeks and into her hair. Her breathing is shallow and rapid, as she fights to keep the breath inside her. She feels tired, weaker and weaker. She cannot move at all. He continues to stand over her, staring down at her. It becomes even harder to breathe, soon impossible. Gasping desperately for air as though to cheat death, she holds on to the last moment of life. She does not want to die. Kizzy wants to live. Her life starts flashing before her eyes.

Memories flood across her mind like the fast flicker of a movie projector. Briefly, she clears her mind of the memories. She clinches the sheets between her fingers and palms. Wetness from her own blood causes the sheets to stick to her hands. Opening her eyes widely, she tries to clear her blurred vision, grasping at the last sight of him—the last sight of her life. The killer does not move. He stares down at her, silently and shows limited remorse or emotion. Holding the knife in his gloved hand, it still drips with blood. He watches the increasing redness of the sheets and the wideness of her green eyes. Kizzy takes her last breath, a deep breath. With her green eyes wide open and her teeth still tightly clenched, she dies. Kizzy goes toward the light.

He lays the knife on the sheet beside her statuesque nude body. He grabs her body by the legs and pulls it off the bed onto the floor, face down. He stands over Kizzy, pausing briefly and admits that even in death, she is beautiful. Yes, she is so genuinely tantalizing. Enjoyably, he sucks in a deep breath of Kizzy’s fresh blood. He looks down at her drained body. He has forgotten about the woman standing quietly behind him. After opening the small pouch around his neck, he places the bloody knife inside.

From the pouch, he pulls out a large meat cleaver.

–Book Excerpt from Evolution of a Sad Woman by Gale Laure.  You can visit the author’s website at or purchase her book here.



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19 responses to “Book Excerpt: Evolution of a Sad Woman by Gale Laure

  1. Good morning, bloggers and readers,

    It is so nice to hear from you this morning. I will be here all day to answer your questions, discuss my novel, “Evolution of a Sad Woman”, or just take a comment.

    I would love to hear from you all.


  2. murder mystery reader

    You have murder, mystery and suspense in your first chapter. Do you mix it up a bit on purpose, in the remaining chapters?

    • Murder Mystery Reader,

      Yes, I do. I also add the thriller genre. As the trailer says, “Their adventure down a crime ridden road will lead them to something they never expected.” I hope to keep you a little on the edge of your chair.
      But don’t fall off!

      Then I stir in a little romance. This is about five men who all loved the same woman, Kizzy. Through their romance with Kizzy they find clues to pursue.

      I think you will be happy, Murder Mystery Reader.


  3. Janet Bagfield

    You say you read to relax. Who do you read and what, a murder mystery?

    • Hello, Janet,

      You must have been following my blogs and interviews. Yes, I do read to relax. I read mystery, suspense, thriller novels and romance books. Sometimes I even thrown in some non-fiction. I like to mix it up. Right now I am reading a book by James Patterson, “Alex Cross’s Trial”. Next I plan to read “The Last Bridge” by Teri Coyne. After that I want to read some Lori Foster, Lauren Dane and maybe throw in a little Stephen King. I also like Sue Grafton, Jodi Picoult and a lot more.

      Thanks for blogging in, Janet. If you have any more questions or comments feel free to respond.


  4. mystery romance queen

    Your novel sounds a bit like “Sex In The City”. Instead of five women and the men they were with you have one woman who is a different woman with five different men. Where did you get your material for Kizzy being five different women?

    • Mystery Romance Queen,

      You must have been following some of my other blogs and interviews.

      I do not know where the idea for Kizzy and this story came from. It popped into my head. I believe it came from God. I know of no other answer for it than that. He put it into my brain. He wanted me to tell the story.

      I never thought of it as a reverse “Sex and The City”, but I do see your correlation. It was not done on purpose.

      About Kizzy being five different women – she is a complicated person. Kizzy is not simple. She rides the emotional roller coaster of her life. One time she reacts one way to something. The next time she may react totally different to the same thing. She feels! She responds with her feelings.

      Hope you read the book to get a sense of Kizzy. I think you will like it since it is both mystery and romance.


  5. Sam Lauthier

    Watched your evolution of a sad woman book trailer. The video is a mystery to me as to how it applys to your murder mystery book. Enlighten me please about your murder mystery book trailer please.

  6. Sam,
    My book is a murder mystery, suspense, thriller and romance novel. It is about five men who have loved the same beautiful woman, Kizzy. As you read in the excerpt above, she is murdered. These five men who have had romantic pasts with Kizzy join to solve the mystery of her murder. They find clues in their pasts with Kizzy. All five of them are taken down the road of crime, deceit and darkness. The surprise ending changes even their futures.

    I hope this helps you, Sam. Now watch the trailer again. I think you will understand it better. I really like my trailer. I love the eery stangeness of the sweet music and the broken letters – much like Kizzy’s life.
    Thanks for blogging in today.


  7. Sam Lauthier

    I assumed the book excerpts were from your overall novel. I was wondering what the video had to do with the book excerpts after watching it.

    At first glance, the murder mystery excerpts, gave me one impression. I watched what I thought was going to be a murder mystery video trailer and realized there was more to your story.

    • Sam,

      I am glad you realized there is more to my story than murder.

      The excerpts you read above were only from Chapter One. It is not the whole chapter.

      Thanks for visiting the blog, Sam. I enjoyed talking to you.


  8. Sam Lauthier

    I personally like to read crime fiction novels,. I am looking for one to read that will be hard to put down. Considering your novel, “Evolution of a Sad Woman”.

    • Sell, thank you, Sam. I hope you enjoy my novel. I’d like to know how you like it. You can email me through my website on the contact the author page. Or I am on twitter, facebook, myspace, authorsden and goodreads.

      Thanks again for blogging in, Sam.


  9. Mystery Maven

    I like reading mystery books with a lot of clues. Does Evolution of a Sad Woman have a lot of clues?

    I read and imagine being a mystery detective.

    Will your future mystery novels have a lot of clues?

  10. Tritsia Field

    A lot of authors write good fiction books. What would you tell me if we were met at a book tour signing and I asked you the following question:

    “Why should I consider reading your murder mystery, romance suspense novel”?

    • Tritsia,

      If you want a book that just entertains you, my book can do that for you. It will challenge your mind with the mystery. The suspense and thriller part of my novel will keep you on the edge of your chair. The romance parts will make your heart beat faster.

      If you want a book with a message, deep, life-long – my book fits the bill here, too. There are several messages deep within the pages. It has always amazed me how each reader gets a different meaning from my novel.

      Whatever you are looking for, I hope you enjoy “Evolution of a Sad Woman”, as a novel you can never quite forget.


  11. Bertha Jonez

    I am looking for romance to get me in the mood for love. Romance books with mystery and suspense weaved through out the novel works for me!

    I try to find romance novels with romantic, steamy, plots that are not erotic. From what I have noticed thus far, yours is on my list to consider.

    Have any of your readers said, Evolution of a Sad Woman, was difficult to put down?

    • Bertha,
      One man read my novel all night long because he could not put it down. Another male reader left his family at a football game and went under the bleachers to read it because he could not get it out of his mind. Yet, another female reader cried, so touched by parts of my book both sad and happy. Another,became very angry, but why I cannot tell you since I do not want to give away the plot. Many have told me they have lost sleep because they could not get the story out of their heads.
      Kizzy, especially seems to linger within the minds of readers. She lingers in the five men’s minds, too!

      However it affects you, I hope it it unforgettable.

  12. Good night, bloggers.

    Thank you to all of you who took such an active part in my blog. I will be here again tomorrow with an interview. I would love to hear from you again, or tell your friends. My blog tour lasts until Dec. 16th. Please visit my website for details on other stops.

    Thank you As the Pages Turns for hosting my on this blog. I enjoyed every minute.


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