Author: Valerie Kent
Title: Gracious Living on Social Security
Paperback: 130 pgs
Publisher: Tree Farm Books
Genre: Retirement Memoir
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-615-21156-5


Gracious Living is an easy-to-read decade-long journey that offers tips and suggestions on how senior citizens can stretch their dollar and get the most for their money. Eleven chapters cover every important aspect of living together, from the wedding preparations to where to live. Key considerations follow each chapter for quick reference: considerations like where and when to buy clothing, choosing a place to live and juggling your finances. Artist Jeff Nitzberg adds his unique touch with original drawings introducing each chapter.


Valerie Kent is my idol.  As I’m approaching that ripe old age in a few years, it does worry me that I’ll get there and won’t be prepared financially.  What Valerie has done was not turn her book, Gracious Living on Social Security, into a how to book with language a rocket scientist would only understand, she wrote it from her own perspective, using her own experiences to help those of us who are afraid that we’re going to get old and no way to support ourselves.  Not only that, she teaches us how to live not only well, but graciously, and after reading it, it did make a lot of sense and something we can all do no matter which end of the social ladder we are on.

Her story starts out by having her tell us about her marriage to Rick and how they had the wedding of their dreams for under $3,000.  The trick here was, as she explained, doing with what you have and getting friends to help.  Not only makes great sense, it gave me great ideas on what to do when or if my daughter ever takes the plunge.

Throughout the book, she tells of her life and how she lives graciously and you can’t help but to admire the woman.  Not only do I feel better about getting older, I now have a handbook that I will carry with me through the Golden Years.

Wonderful book and I would highly recommend it to everyone who has that fear factor of getting older and not being able to take care of themselves financially.  Valerie’s story exemplifies the determination a woman has to survive, no matter what the age.

I give this book 4.5 stars because of its usefulness, appearance and a wonderful and entertaining read.

4.5 stars


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2 responses to “Book Review: GRACIOUS LIVING ON SOCIAL SECURITY by Valerie Kent

  1. ccmal

    I loved this book too. I thought much of Val’s advice could be used by adults of all ages.

    Thanks for the great review!


  2. Judi

    Work, Save, and stay out of debt. Live below your means, and drive your old clunker, that should be paid. Give to others, out of your excess, and be thankful, you can be a giver and not a taker. Learn your lessons from Dave Ramsey. Travel while you are young, and use travel dvds , when older. I did.
    Always work, when you are young, and continue part-time, when you are older. I know a man who is in a wheel chair, and he works every day.

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