Book Spotlight: Second Chance at Your Dream by Dorothea Hover-Kramer

Dorothea Hover-KramerI am in the middle of a fantastic book by Dorothea Hover-Kramer.  It’s called Second Chance at Your Dream.  Being a baby boomer myself, I can closely relate to what Dorothea is trying to get across – that it’s never too late to find your dream no matter how old you are.

I found my dream and it did just so happen to occur in the second half of my life, although I had been searching for this dream all my life.  Why now?  Who knows but I’m figuring it’s because the timing was just right.  Not rocket science.  Just the way someone’s life unfolds.  I believe there must be lots of learning lessons before you get there or at least that’s what happened with me.

I am now living in the most beautiful place in the world and have a dream job.  Throughout my life, I could see where I was preparing for something like this.  I never was a social butterfly so working out of my home doing something that provides a way to pay for this most beautiful place in the world just seemed to fall right in my life’s path.  I can get up and go anywhere anytime I like and it doesn’t make a difference because I am in charge of my own finances.  If I want to take a break, I take a break and double up on my work when I get back or prepare for the break by doubling up on the work before I leave.  It’s always a system I use to make sure my dream stays my dream.

In Dorothea’s book, she helps others discover how to find their dreams but mainly concentrates on the second half of life because it is those people who believe they have lived their life and it’s too late to change anything.  Balderdash.  People are doing it every day, but there are some people who don’t know how.

As the Pages Turn will be spotlighting the works of Dorothea Hover-Kramer with a guest post by Dorothy on Monday, a review by As the Pages Turn on Tuesday then a special contest on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about Dorothea, visit her website at

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