Interview with Kandy Siahaya, Author of Making Light of Being Heavy

Making Light of Being Heavy

Today starts my 3-day virtual promotional extravaganza with Kandy Kiahaya, author of the humorous book, Making Light of Being Heavy!

After reading her book a few weeks ago, I asked her tour coordinator at Pump Up Your Book Promotion, Tracee Gleichner, if I could host her on my blog but do it up right.

First, let me begin by saying although I do call it a humor book, it actually takes a very serious look at what over half (I’m sure the statistics are much higher) of today’s men and women are facing – the fact that we just might be born this way and once we tell the world how it is from our point of view, maybe they’ll understand and not ostracize us for being that way.

I was a skinny person for years and years. I was made fun of for being skinny. If they only could see me now. Two kids and menopause sure did change things.

Making Light of Being HeavyMaking Light of Being Heavy is for all you gals and guys out there who aren’t model thin and would like to find out how they, too, can make light of being heavy.

Today I introduce to you Kandy Siahaya who can change your world. Tomorrow, Kandy will be back with “10 Tips on How to Make Light on Being Heavy” and we’ll wrap it up on Friday with a review!

Q: What made you decide to write a book making fun of being fat?

About five years ago a friend and I were walking with our kids along the sidewalks of Old Orchard Beach in the summer when a cute guy driving a pedicab stopped beside us waiting for the light. Joking around with him I asked him if there was a weight limit on that ride. My friend and I both were over 300 pounds and he was looking at us I think trying to come up with a “safe” number and he said “500 pounds” smiling. My friend and I started laughing and I jokingly said that we would have to have individual rides. While walking away we started talking about all kinds of instances like that one that we could laugh off and my friend said we should write a book.

Q: Since this book is based on life experiences, can you tell us what it was like when others made fun of your weight and how did you handle it?

Growing up my mother always had a saying, “Pretty is as pretty does” and I can remember consciously deciding that I was not going to let what other people say affect me and I never have.

Q: What do people love most about you?

My personality and sense of humor.

Kandy Siahaya 2Q: Of all the diet programs you have been on, which one would you recommend for others still fighting the battle of the bulge?

That is a hard one because everybody is different but I have always had good luck with the Scarsdale diet.

Q: Do you think that society can be partially blamed for people not loving the weight they are?

Yes, to some degree. I am just thankful that I have the perspective that I have because I know so many don’t and it is not something you can just take a pill for and change.

Q: What about genes? Do you believe genetics has a lot to do with people being overweight?

Absolutely. Like I said in my book, if everybody in the world fit into the proposed weight parameters based on height, age, and body structure we would all be the same size. Is that even possible with genetics? People don’t find it odd that a child has blonde hair if there mother has blonde hair or that little Joey grew to be 6 feet tall when his father is that height. Weight is not any different.

Q: Healthy foods cost more as stated in your book and is very true. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, even as unfortunate as it is because of the process necessary for fresh produce, whole grains, etc. But I truly do not believe that if you eat canned vegetables you are destined to be unhealthy.

Q: How can family and friends be supportive?

Just by being our friends and family. My mother is funny though because if she knows I am on my “diet” and she cooks something she knows I love she will not call to let me know because she doesn’t want to tempt me. Most times that backfires because I may go over later in the week and check out what is in her fridge and find the leftovers and eat them anyway :)

Q: Can you give us an example of your typical day’s intake of calories?

Well I don’t know about caloric intake but I will tell you what I had today – After dropping my son off at school I went through Tim Hortons and got a large coffee with extra cream and seven Equal, came home and had a bowel of Honey Nut Cheerios, mid morning had one piece of 12-grain bread with peanut butter, around 3 or so had a bologna sandwich with Miracle Whip, drank about three glasses of sugar-free grape drink throughout the day, and then for dinner around 7:00 with my son had chicken breast with noodles with some Alfredo sauce, whole kernel corn, and two pieces of garlic bread and a Diet Pepsi.

Q: Thank you for this interview, Kandy. Can you tell us where we can find out more about you and your wonderful new book?

Thank you!!

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