Book Review: Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach

online-dating-is-not-like-ordering-a-pizzaAuthor: Cherie Burbach
Title: Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza
Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Bonjour Publishing
Genre: Nonfiction; Relationships
Language: English
ISBN: 0978974751
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When it comes to going through all the trials and tribulations of online dating, Cherie Burbach has been there, done that. A single girl in her mid-30s who had a great life, but no one to share it with, she shared a common statistic among women her age. A great job, outside interests, but no one seemed to fill those gigantic shoes of the infamous Mr. Right.

Despite her wonderful and active life, Cherie couldn’t help but to feel something was missing. She tried ignoring it, but it was a void she knew must be filled.

Cherie took to the Internet after finding out that guys who fit her criteria were a dime a dozen in the offline world. Before long, she found her Mr. Right who she married not too long afterwards.

But here’s the thing. Not everyone is that lucky. Finding love over the Internet takes much more than placing an ad or conversing with strangers in chatrooms. There are horror stories that could fill a book (in fact, I started one myself a few years ago, but never finished, and those stories would curl your toes).

So how did Cherie find her knight in shining armor?

Cherie’s newest book, Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza, is a tell-all on how to look for love online and be successful.

She covers such topics as:

  • Having the right attitude
  • Creating the right profile (very important)
  • Where to meet safely
  • How to pay attention to your gut instincts
  • Body language
  • Why you should never give out any financial or personal information
  • Why you shouldn’t look for someone who is on the rebound (I know a no-brainer, but her points are worth reading)
  • Advice on what to say and not to say
  • Why you should put all your negativity in the baggage department where it belongs in the first place
  • And much, much more

As Cherie says, “Remember the title of this book. Internet dating is not like ordering a pizza. You can’t just pick up the phone or log on to a site and have the perfect person sent directly to your inbox! You do have to spend some time in order to see if someone you’ve just met might be right for you. Invest that time. you won’t regret it when you do finally meet the right one. And you will.”

Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza is a reality check into the world of online dating. I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about going to the Internet to find their Mr. (or Ms.) Right before you get yourself into an uncomfortable position. Follow her advice and you may find the person of your dreams, too!



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4 responses to “Book Review: Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach

  1. Great post! This sounds like it would be an interesting book!

  2. It really is, April. I know everyone thinks they really “know” a person while talking online, but they really don’t. You might get a sense of their spirit, but it’s not until you meet someone offline (and in the right conditions) do you really get to know that person. I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t so sure what it was going to be about judged by the title, but her ending paragraph summed it up for me. You can’t order love like you can order a pizza…it’s so much more involved and Cherie did an excellent job summing it up.

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