Book Review: BLOG BLAZERS by Stephane Grenier

Author: Stephane Grenier
Title: Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets
Hardcover: 232 pages
Publisher: Levac Publishing House (Nov. 2008)
Genre: Computers & Internet
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0981085202
ISBN-13: 978-0981085203

First Sentence: The idea to write this book came to me almost a year before I actually sat down to write it.


I have been blogging for approximately four years. I have been an online entrepreneur for two years and all of my business depends on blogging. During the four years I have been a blogger, I learned a few tricks of the trade and I incorporated that knowledge into forming my online business. Had I read Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets to Creating a High-Profile, High-Traffic, and High-Profile Blog by Stephane Grenier before all those endless days and nights learning the craft, I can’t imagine all the time I would have saved.

Stephane interviewed 40 top bloggers including Seth Godin (the blogging guru of all time), Aaron Wall (SEO Book), J.D. Roth (Get Rich Slowly), Yaro Starak (Entrepreneur’s Journey) and thirty-seven others who are well-respected and whose blogs gets mega hits all in the name of showing other bloggers how to do it right.

It’s a mega-house of information.

I love the way Stephane did this.  I had just finished another book similar that had nothing but articles for other authors and while it was okay, it still didn’t give me that punch.

Stephane goes for the nitty gritty and asks these top bloggers what we would love to know – their top secrets for creating a high traffic blog and they deliver such as:

  • What makes a blog successful according to you?  Is it traffic, reach, revenue, etc.?
  • When did you decide you finally reached success with your blog?
  • How long did it take to become a successful blogger?
  • What’s your best advice in  regards to  content and writing for bloggers?
  • What are your main methods of marketing your blog?

And many more questions that we as bloggers who are trying to get the traffic, trying to make the money, trying not to give up as a blogger because it’s just too much hard work.

I love this book.  It’s the Bible of Blogging.  The only drawback I have is that I wish I had thought of doing this myself!  Stephane rocks.

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One response to “Book Review: BLOG BLAZERS by Stephane Grenier

  1. Sounds like there are tons of great tips and tricks in there that even a novice can benefit from!

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