Maggie Rose Crane Week Continues: Self-Improvement – Who Needs It?

I hope you enjoyed Maggie Rose Crane’s interview on Monday. I’m happy to say she’s back with a great guest post for us on the subject of self-improvement!

Everyone wants to improve themselves whether it be for themselves, their business, or their career. Maggie Rose Crane gives us another viewpoint on self-improvement that I believe you will enjoy. Maggie will be stopping by periodically over the day so if you have any questions you’d like her to answer for you, leave your question in the comment section below. Welcome Maggie!

Self-Improvement – Who Needs It?

by Maggie Rose Crane, author of Amazing Grays: A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the Best 50

maggie_crane_1_smAs we age and cross over into new possibilities, many midlife women are beginning to understand that our attempts at “self-improvement” are futile. Efforts to improve ourselves often have the opposite effect and keep us spinning our wheels in a quagmire of self-hate. Rather than spend our precious energy trying to “improve” ourselves, we are learning to express the authentic self that is already there – intact, whole, capable, intelligent and wise.

How much of our precious life energy is squandered because we believe the stories we tell ourselves about our supposed inadequacies? You’re not good enough. You’re a failure. You never do it right. We are repeatedly told by our inner voices that we are not meeting a certain standard; that we’d better try harder. So, we do. We try and try to do all the things that society says will make us better, acceptable, and worthy, and yet our inner voices continue to tell us that we’re still not good enough.

amazing-graysIf you’ve found yourself trudging away on the treadmill of self-improvement, it might serve you to ask which “self” you are trying to improve. The ego self? The product of years of faulty programming?

The underlying assumption of self-improvement is that there is something wrong with us that needs fixing! Who said so? Our past programming. (Not a reputable source.) The chatter in our heads would have us believe there is always something wrong (with us, others, the world) and that there is never enough (love, money, time, resources).

Well, here’s a radical idea. What if there is no self to improve? If you look at who you really are – the true, authentic you – you’ll see that you’re not defective or broken, and you never were. There are wounded aspects of our selves that need to be embraced and accepted, and there’s the chatter of our conditioning.

That’s it.

Once you silence all the inner voices that loudly proclaim your inadequacy, who is left?

In the stillness, you will know.

You can visit Maggie Rose Crane’s website at Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of her book, Amazing Grays: A Woman’s Guide to Making the Next 50 the Best 50!

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