The Sunday Salon

The Sunday

My Sunday Salon post today is about deadlines. Not only authors have them, but reviewers have them, too.

I was reading Sandi Kahn Shelton’s blog post yesterday about deadlines and something dawned on me. She had written about facing a Jan. 31 deadline to get her latest book revised and to her editor and hated the fact that now she can’t do the normal things – like clean or eat or anything for the next few weeks so that she can fulfill her obligation to her editor.

It made me realize that when a reviewer is sent a book for review by a certain time, isn’t that putting them on the spot? Think about it…a reviewer receives a book and if they read it at their leisure, wouldn’t that make them really be able to concentrate and not merely skim to meet their deadline?

And as CEO of a virtual book tour company, I am always on deadline to get books to these reviewers so they can have a reasonable amount of time to review and if I’m late, isn’t that putting a burden on them and if they have to skim, how good will that review actually be?

I imagine deadlines are just meant to be, but how do you pace yourself to meet them without procrastinating until the very minute as a lot of us do?

Speaking of which, I have tours to get out the door by Monday and I’m playing in blogs!

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