Halloween Special: Guest Blogger Cate Cavanagh

In the upcoming days before Halloween, I thought it would be fun and try something a little different at As the Pages Turn. We will be featuring true stories and fictional stories from guest authors who I have personally asked to participate. My first guest blogger is Cate Cavanagh, author of the young adult fictional novel, Her Godmother. You are welcome to leave a comment for Cate to let her know how much you enjoyed her guest post. Thank you, Cate!

by Cate Cavanagh

It was a hot summer day when she got off the bus to transfer to the next.
one, it snowed. Not flurries either. It snowed like a blizzard and as it
snowed, her clothes chilled her as the snow melted against her
overheated body. She glanced around and saw everyone around her
just as puzzled as she.
She didn’t know why she sat in the first forward row opposite the driver
and next to him. She knew even less why she began talking to him. It was
just something she wanted to do suddenly. No, had to do. Why, she did
not know. She barely remembered why she went with him and never left. She’d had
an apartment, hadn’t she? And friends? And family? She disappeared
on all of them and she was as lost as the memories of the life she used to have.

Jesse was smug when he talked about a lottery ticket. It didn’t bother
Mary in the least. It was just another happening in the odd life she found
herself living. Dinner parties, fund raisers, political dinners abounded
And she was always with him, beautifully draped in expensive antique dresses and jewelry. All of this did not go unnoticed. There were rules even to demonic bargains.
The day came for the debt to be collected and Jesse prepared for the showdown.
The circle had to be of salt and saltpeter. He already had what he
needed for inside the circle. It would be easy.
There was only one minute left in which he could be claimed. He only needed to be in control one minute he would be free to enjoy all he possessed. Wealth, power, a beautiful woman and a lifetime in which to enjoy it all would be his. After this he might work on eternal youth. His will would be done.
Jesse was ready and walked her to their bedroom and although he had mesmerized
her to drowsiness, he took her anyway.
It was a large circle cast with salt peter in the massive living room. It was one minute to
midnight and Jesse sealed himself within the circle with the remaining salt. He walked and uttered ancient Incantations. Nothing would be able to enter the circle to attack him now. He donned his robe and lit the two black candles
with the altar matches. He ignited the saltpeter in the cauldron and, as it
poofed, the clock struck midnight and the Tall One appeared.
“You think a silly circle can prevent me from claiming you?”
“Oh, I think one minute will be long enough for me to get you. I look
forward to seeing you serve as you have made others do.”
“Do you plan to bore me into submission?” Jesse taunted.
The Tall One pointed a finger at the circle and suddenly Jesse saw himself
engulfed within a ring of flames, the fires breezing in toward him, lapping
their heat at his face.
“You cannot fool me. This is your illusion–to make me feel and see fire so
close to me that I will jump out of my circles and into your clutches.”
“Look down.”
Jesse looked down to see all manner of scorpions, snakes and spiders and all of them were poisonous. He almost jumped but did not. Even as he felt the sting of their bites, he sat still. He felt the burning of poisons in his blood until it began to boil.
“Illusion! Illusion! What I think and feel is all illusion! Nothing can come into this circle so all you have is my mind to play with and I know that.
The broad face smiled, no grimaced, and its scales wrinkled grotesquely.
In moments Jesse would be free to enjoy his wealth and power forever. Suddenly the room was cold and a bitter wind blew. Jesse opened his eyes to see the wind dispersing the salt hence opening the circle. His eyes opened with fear. He looked around the room wildly. He had not left any windows opened. That was the only way the demon could summon the winds unto him and command they destroy the circle.
“How did you do this? The rules are clear. You can deal out illusion but
the test is to remain within me!”
“Yes, I am allowed illusion. All types of illusion and while you were focusing on the illusions within your circle you forgot to keep a part of your mind on the innocent woman you imprisoned. You speak of rules! Even among entities such as myself, there are rules to protect victims.”
Circle undone, the winds died down and the billowing curtains settled. To
the side of the window stood Mary.

Visit Cate at quantumspirituality.tripod.com and somethingmagicalinourmists.blogspot.com

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One response to “Halloween Special: Guest Blogger Cate Cavanagh

  1. Margay

    What a great story! There are some pretty funny lines here like “Do you plan to bore me into submission?” Jesse taunted.

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