I’ve had this book for a little more than a week, but tours have been keeping me sooooo busy.  But this morning, I picked it up and started in because I want to have this reviewed by the end of the week.

The title is pretty much self-explanatory and judging from its page length (85 pages), I wondered how this book could be any different from all the other self-help books out there on divorce and breakup.

However, I was immediately drawn in by her very first paragraph:

“Although my marriage of 16 years was far from perfect, it never occurred to me that it would end.  In fact, if I were a betting woman, I would have wagered my life savings I would be married to the father of my children ‘until death do us part.'”

How many women have said that?  I know I did and I still believe to this day as rotten as the ex was at the time, he’s still a good man.  But then, it’s been about 15 years and I tend to let bygones be bygones.  And I’m wondering how many other women feel there is still that bond between them and their parted spouses?

Sure, most of us have children that keeps them together in a sense, but how many women truly believe that no matter what they did to us, we still love them?

Well, here goes my relationship expert hat back on.  I used to write a lot about relationships.  When Pump Up started, I just didn’t have time to do both and keeping that roof over my head became the most important thing, but I have to say that when two people come together, no matter what happens, they were truly meant to come together in the first place for a particular reason or set of reasons.  Perhaps in my case, it was to bear children as companion soul mates are known for, but to this day, I can’t release that bond we had.  And I know we’ll never get back together nor would I want to.

Ack.  Anyway, I’ll give you my review of Tammy’s book this Friday hopefully.  So far, it’s looking pretty darn good.

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