Wonderful List of Memes

I wanted to refer back to this list of memes that Callista over at SMS Book Reviews gave me at the Book Blogs Ning social network of which I’m a member, so I’m adding it to my right hand sidebar under “Favorite Posts” just in case some of you out there might want to refer to it.

It’s a wonderful list of memes (thank you, Callista!).  I’ve joined a couple of them and am working my way down until I’ve joined them all, but they’re a wonderful way to network, not to mention giving you ideas for blog posts throughout the week.  Remember, you want higher rankings in the search engines, you must keep those posts coming!

Here they are and don’t forget to stop in on Callista at Book Blogs Ning social network and thank her!

Mailbox Monday – share the books that showed up in your mail every week.

Musing Mondays – Muse about books on your blog every monday

Poetry Friday – post poetry or links to poetry every friday

Sunday Salon – sort of a mini readathon. Make time to read on Sunday, then post about it and visit others

Thursdays Thoughts – she posts a topic with a couple of questions and you answer her on your blog for a chance to win prizes

Tuesday Thingers is for Library Thing users (although I don’t see why non users couldn’t answer the questions)

Where Are You? – Once a week post where you are according to the book you are reading (the books setting)

Write on Wednesday – for those looking to hone their writing skills

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  1. Thank you for noting Thursday’s Thoughts.
    This week is a very important MEME.


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